Signature Drinks
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These signature drinks extend the summer

Summer makes a reappearance with these unique recipes from European hotel bars. Cheers!

5 October 2021

For all those who don't want to let go of Summer 2021 just yet, bar culture experts from Europe reveal the recipes of their signature drinks for you to recreate. The unusual creations from Spain, Austria and Greece bring back the feeling of summer, sun and wanderlust.

This way you can enjoy the summer a little longer! 

1. the Viennese Madl with Scandinavian flavours 

The perfect drink on the roof with a unique view over Vienna and an open fireplace is, according to the Scandinavian Aurora Bar a Viennese Madl! The floral signature drink has rightly been an absolute guest favourite since the bar opened in June 2021. To make, simply mix 40ml of Broker's Gin, 10ml of elderflower syrup and 10ml of lemon juice with 100ml of rose lemonade and pour into a wine glass, garnish with floral decor and serve with a dried orange slice. Cheers!

The Viennese Madel in the Aurora Bar. Credit: Andaz Vienna

2. the Highball Gimlet - cocktail pleasure from the Cretan bay

The newly designed OCEAN Bar with bar professionals from Athens are now ranked 3rd in the world's 50 best bars. One of the signature drinks of the OCEAN Bar is the Cretan reinterpretation of the Highball Gimlet. Simply mix 50ml Tanqueray No. Ten London Dry with 25ml Cretan Greens Cordial together with ice cubes in a shaker, shake vigorously and pour into a tall glass. Top the drink off with ice cold grapefruit soda and to top it off add an olive to the rim. Jámas!

The Highball Gimlet. Credit: DAIOS COVE Luxury Resort & Villas

3. non-alcoholic Lemon Hero from casual hippie flair

To chilled lounge music in Formentera, long known as a hippie paradise, GECKO Hotel & Beach Club serves all kinds of classics and modern reinterpretations of drink culture. Among them, also the signature drink Lemon Hero. Simply mix 60ml lime juice, 10ml lime syrup and 15ml ginger juice. For that extra kick, add a few mint leaves and press lightly to transfer their fresh aroma. Pour the drink with soda and serve over ice garnished with a slice of orange - salud!

The non-alcoholic drink for that summer feeling. Credit: GECKO Hotel & Beach Club

4. the beguiling femme fatale on the Andalusian coast

As exclusive as the location of the Ikos Andalusia between Marbella and Estepona on the coast of the Costa del Sol, are also the delicious creations of Marian Beke. Here, for example, he sprays glasses with edible gold from the inside and experiments with unusual ingredients. If you want to try his latest creation, here's the beguiling recipe of the Femme Fatale: 50ml of Beefeater 24 gin is mixed with 20ml of Strawberry Shrub and 20ml of sweet Vermouth and combined with 10ml of Campari and 15ml of fresh grapefruit juice, 10ml of lemon juice and a bar spoon of fig mustard.

The beguiling femme fatale. Credit: Ikos Resorts

5. the homemade and aromatic Santo Negroni

In the Akratos Poolside Bar the bartenders mix masterful cocktails and unique signature drinks with Greek distillates and liqueurs, focusing mainly on homemade ingredients. A reinterpretation of a classic is the Santo Negroni, an Aegean Negroni twist with local ingredients. To make, add 30ml of O Purist Tsipouro with 30ml of Suze and 30ml of Skinos Mastiha to a chilled mixing glass, stir and pour into a Nick & Nora glass. Sprinkle with Tsipouro and garnish with two black olives.

Homemade ingredients at Santo Negroni. Credit: Santo Maris

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