A bucket list for travel through Europe these stops should be included

From road trips to island hopping.

9 March 2021

Europe has something to offer for every traveler's heart. Whether an exciting city trip, an enjoyable beach holiday or an adventurous voyage of discovery. By mixing numerous cultures, a colorful mix of architecture, cuisine and natural landscapes is created. If you prefer it warm, visit the south of Europe and enjoy the bright sun. In the north, fans of snow, northern lights and fish will get their money's worth. The east and west also have cultural sensations in store for you that you should not miss.

Here are four activities that should definitely be on your bucket list for a trip around Europe.


Island hopping in Greece

If Greece has one thing to offer, then islands! Whether large, small, hidden or visible to everyone. If you can't get enough of white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, you'll be in good hands on Zakynthos and Kos, for example. On Hydra, art is writ large - whether contemporary works or classics. Those who want to immerse themselves in the world of the cult film "Mamma Mia!" should pay a visit to Skopelos. However, Santorini still offers the most spectacular island experience. The crossings with impressive ferries or small boats alone offer a brilliant view of the Greek island world.

Greece captivates with its variety of breathtaking islands.

Road trip through Italy

It seems like a dream image from old movie classics: you're jetting down the road in a convertible, wearing big sunglasses and a perfect soundtrack. Italian coastal roadsthrough picturesque villages and modern cities. If you have a lot of time (around two weeks), you can start your road trip in Rome and end it there. Because as the saying goes: all roads lead to Rome. From the Italian capital, you can continue directly to Naples, where you can explore the city at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. Your trip will then take you even further south, driving along the most beautiful panoramic road in Italy: the SS163 - also known as the Amalfitana. The road is lined by the Gulf of Naples, as well as the Gulf of Salerno. Passing numerous national parks, you will finally reach the tip of the "boot": Calabria. After a few days on the beach, the route continues into the Puglia region, where you can stop off in Lecce. The way back to Rome is crossed by numerous dreamy fishing villages, all worth a visit. Next stop is Urbino, a town located right on Italy's Adriatic coast. Then it's on towards Bologna, Verona and Cinque Terre. Shortly before your final destination Rome, you can stop in Siena and enjoy the Italian flair.

A highlight in Italy: Mount Vesuvius.

Northern Lights in Scandinavia

Presumably, marvelling at the mystic northern lights on most people's bucket list. What are you waiting for? Scandinavia offers countless places where the natural phenomenon can be admired. Be it in Finnish Lapland, dreamy Iceland or picturesque Norway. Before you book a trip there, you should definitely pay attention to the forecasts of the local meteorologists. This will increase your chances of actually seeing the Northern Lights. It's also best to equip yourself for a few hours in the cold, as Scandinavia can get as chilly as -40°C. However, with warm clothes, a thick blanket and a steaming mulled wine in hand, this shouldn't be a problem. Many cities offer their own trips to see the northern lights. But the most special experience is probably an overnight stay in the so-called "glass igloo hotels", which offer a panoramic view of the Scandinavian night sky.

Sighting the northern lights requires a lot of luck - because they are not always visible.

A ride on the Orient Express

That also Train travel can be very glamorous, proves a ride on the legendary Orient Express. The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express promises a journey into the past. The interior of the train is pure luxury. Polished wood, fine upholstery and antique furnishings embody the elegance of the golden age of travel. While guests admire the passing scenery from comfortable bench seats during the day, the cabins transform into inviting rooms with soft lighting at night. 17 authentically refurbished original Orient Express carriages take passengers across Europe on various sections of the original route. One of the most popular routes is Venice-Paris-London.The cost of this two-day journey: over €2,000 per ticket. Other Orient Express routes include:

  • Prague-Paris
  • Venice-Prague
  • Vienna-Paris
  • Venice-Vienna-Budapest
  • Berlin-Paris
The luxury train takes you right across Europe.

Picture Credits: Kookay on Pixabay, Giuseppe Dio on Pixabay, John Huang on Pixabay, Antonio Speranza / Pixabay, Michal Matlon / Unsplash

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