Instagram: The Travel Guide 2.0

How the platform can help with vacation planning.

19 April 2021

Instagram is much more than just beautiful selfies, cool outfit posts and funny stories. The platform is increasingly becoming a creative app and the ultimate travel guide. Or to put it another way: used correctly, Instagram can be used to plan your entire holiday.

The manual travel guide is passé. Because when it comes to holiday planning, people are now turning to the social network. We reveal how to make the most of Instagram for your itinerary.

Get to your dream destination with these 4 tips.


get inspiration

The app is a pure source of inspiration! There are numerous travel bloggers who capture the most interesting places by photo on their accounts. By following their accounts, more travel influencers are automatically suggested in the search feed. So you can comfortably browse from the sofa and save potential hotspots. Tip: It's best to create individual folders for the respective city in the collection, so you can quickly access them on site.


explore surroundings

Once the destination is set, you can use the geotagging function to explore the surroundings. Simply click on the needle symbol in the search and let yourself be inspired by the posts of other users at the desired location. So you know, for example, directly in which area you choose your accommodation.


Network with Locals

Instagram is a social network meant for sharing with like-minded people. That's how you should use it. When scrolling through the feeds of travel bloggers, you can learn a lot of new things in the comments. There are also many an insider tip hidden in the story highlights. With a bit of luck, influencers are also happy to provide information or feedback on the planned destination via direct message.


Capture your dream location

There are many pretty pictures of famous hotspots on Instagram. You can definitely get carried away by the "creative wave" and post a photo yourself. In this way, you share your point of view and other users can also be inspired by it. This is the only way to find new destinations, places and insider tips.

Picture Credits: Dominik Dancs / Unsplash

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