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Trend Watch Aerial Yoga: The Power of Zero Gravity

Leaving the ground, feeling weightless, disconnecting – what sounds like an experience in space is also true for this workout trend: Aerial Yoga.

February 10, 2023

Aerial yoga classes are popping up in every major city. It comes to no surprise that this new form of classical yoga is so popular: it relies on the power of zero gravity, is easy on the joints and spine, and is a lot of fun. When you lie down in the typical aerial yoga cloth and glide into challenging positions that are suddenly totally doable thanks to the aid, your mind relaxes and your body and soul can feel free in unison. 

History of Aerial Yoga

The idea behind Aerial Yoga originates overseas, in the USA. There, people wanted to combine traditional yoga with a kind of acrobatics to create an opportunity to experience freedom, lightness, and detachment. 

The yoga silk

For this purpose, an elastic cloth was used, which was attached to a ceiling bracket at both ends like a hammock. This allows the cloth to be used flexibly for stretches, positions and inversion postures. The yoga cloth, the so-called hammock, is conventionally made of soft, stretchy nylon and is equipped with fastening hooks. 


In an aerial yoga class, guests repeatedly let themselves slide gently into the cloth. For some positions, you support your body with it; for others, you wrap yourself in it, using your full body weight. Gentle stretches are also possible. While relying on the full power of the Hammock, one performs the typical asanas - sometimes even without contact with the ground. Reverse postures are especially popular, where you hang overhead and thus change your perspective. The blood then flows in a different direction, the brain is supplied better, digestion is stimulated and water retention is reduced. You feel weightless and light as a feather and your focus intensifies.

Aerial Yoga as a vacation highlight

Hotels are taking advantage of the great demand for aerial yoga as well. More and more wellness resorts are incorporating this form of yoga into their offerings and offering guests relaxation in the sling by the hour or day.

Parkhotel Egerner Höfe

One of them is the Parkhotel Egerner Höfe at Tegernsee in Bavaria, which has even launched aerial yoga retreats that span over several days. In March and May 2023, you can book a special vacation package, each of which includes 4 hours of aerial yoga with a renowned trainer. 

Hotel The Wasnerin

The self-proclaimed Yoga Hotel The Wasnerin in Austria's Salzkammergut region has added this form of yoga to its program as well. Guests can participate in a wide variety of sessions, including aerial yoga, three times per day. 

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