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Trend Watch: Will these 7 travel trends determine how we travel in 2022?

The world is opening up more and more, travel is becoming easier again. But some things have changed permanently. Which travel trends are here to stay?

March 5, 2022

See the world with your own eyes. Escape from everyday life. Getting to know new cultures, simply switching off, taking time out, experiencing adventure: the reasons why people travel are many and varied. And probably as individual as people themselves. After long months of staying at home, the time has finally come again. As a fully vaccinated person, you can travel to most countries without any restrictions. But even after the first few months of this "new freedom," some travel trends have emerged that experts say have come to stay:

1. workations

The office is where the laptop is. © Shutterstock

Technology makes it possible: thanks to globally well-developed Internet access and software such as Zoom & co. home office have become normal in most companies. But who says you actually have to be at home to work from home? More and more people embark on a workation. They do their duty under palm trees, in the most beautiful places in the world. This is not only good for your own mind, but also for the employer. Because he saves a workplace and has more satisfied, therefore more productive and creative employees.


2. revenge spending

Now more than ever! "Revenge Spending" is what the urge to splurge is now called. © Shutterstock

The name alone gives away what this travel trend is all about: Revenge Spending is spending the money you couldn't spend during travel restrictions. True to the motto "now more than ever", revenge spenders are treating themselves to longer trips this year. And they're also willing to spend more money to do it. And why not? Above all, cruises, world trips and exotic dream destinations are currently recording an increase in bookings. One platform that offers vacations with a deeper meaning, for example, is SocialBnb.


3. regenerative travel

In the Maldives, guests can help with Reef Restoration projects. © Shutterstock

Regenerative Travelling or Purposeful Travelling is not simply about visiting another place. It's about making the world a little bit better through your travels. This can be done, for example, by participating in community projects at the destination, helping with environmental protection projects or volunteering on the road. The traveler of the future is looking for a deeper meaning and a real connection to the destination.


4. educational traveling

Learning is the trend. Whether it's yoga or painting classes, gorilla trekking or educational trips. © Shutterstock

Travel has always broadened horizons. Even those who did not actively seek to educate themselves on the road could not help but return with new experiences and perspectives in most cases. Now, educational trips are nothing new. But they are currently experiencing a resurgence as a travel trend in 2022. The offerings range from trips with a language focus to cooking courses, from yoga retreats to boot camps.


5. bleisure Travelling

Green traveling continues to be a trend. © Shutterstock

"Bleisure" is a contraction of the words "business" and "leisure." While workation is about moving one's place of work and residence abroad permanently, bleisure traveling refers to the combination of business trips and leisure trips. This means that a week's vacation is added to the business trip. This is a sensible approach, especially from the point of view of sustainability. After all, you're already there. And with just one trip, you can take care of your vacation and business at the same time.


6. green traveling 

The sustainable Habitas AlUla can be dismantled quite easily. Nothing remains but footprints in the sand. © Kleinjan Groenewald

Sustainable travel is becoming increasingly important. The number of tourists who consciously choose to travel in an environmentally friendly way and select hotels that meet certain sustainability criteria is steadily increasing - as it was before the pandemic. The hotel industry is responding to this. New construction projects are increasingly geared to these new demands. Environmental protection issues are also playing an increasing role in destination development. In surveys, almost 60 percent say they prefer trips that conserve resources and are socially compatible.


7. post-pandemic self-care

Taking care of yourself is trendy. © Shutterstock

Self-care is gaining in importance after the challenging times, especially in terms of mental health. Wellness and spa stays alone are only one part of this travel trend. The other is targeted offers for those who have suffered from Corona and are still struggling with the consequences. Holistic Holidays, which take comprehensive care of the physical and mental well-being of guests, are in high demand.

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