Von architektonischen Meisterwerken bis hin zu Kunstkursen und archäologischen Ausgrabungen: Einer der großen Reisetrends 2023 ist die Bildungsreise – Educational Travel.
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Trend Watch Educational Travel: In 2023 We'll go on an Educational Trip

From architectural masterpieces to art courses and archaeological excavations: in 2023 one of the big travel trends is educational travel

May 5, 2023

They've been around for centuries: educational travel. The concept behind them is, you guessed it, a relatively simple one: you go on trips to learn more about the culture, science, art and history of a country. It's to further your education. The term educational travel is once again gaining in importance - and is one of the major travel trends in 2023.

From educational travel ...

Unter dem Begriff „Educational Travel“ gewinnt die Bildungsreise wieder mehr an Bedeutung – und zählt 2023 zu den großen Travel Trends des Jahres.

The Grand Tour often led to Greece. © Vasilios Muselimis

The history of the educational journey goes back to antiquity: even then, travelers set off for various sites and places to expand their knowledge and further their education. Finally, in the Middle Ages, pilgrims traveled to Jerusalem or Mecca for religious reasons. There they wanted to deepen their spiritual connection with God. However, it was not until the 18th and 19th centuries that educational travel became particularly popular: aristocrats and the well-heeled embarked on a Grand Tour through Europe. The path led the educational travelers of those centuries to Italy and Greece, where they devoted themselves to ancient culture and art. 

... to Educational Travel

Kreuzfahrten als Travel Trend 2023: Ein Gast, der mit Hilfe eines Expeditionsmitglieds ein Teleskop in der Tor's Observation Lounge, Silver Cloud, benutzt

A guest and expedition member at the telescope in Silver Cloud's Tor's Observation Lounge. © Silversea

Today, educational trips are available to everyone: this includes not only language courses for students. Luxury trips that include interesting courses, workshops and lectures are also very popular. For example, the ultra-luxury company Silversea invites you to join cruises dedicated to imparting knowledge: on board are experts and professionals who tell guests more about the culture, art and nature of the destinations visited during special lectures.

More art and culture on your travels

Educational Travel: Das Ritz-Carlton in Kyoto bringt seinen Gästen die jahrhundertealte Praxis der japanischen Teezeremonie näher.

A tea ceremony in the wake of the Educational Travel trend. © Content Pixie

The hotel industry has also already recognized the trend as an added value: for example, many hotels offer their own courses or excursions into the surrounding area. There, guests can get closer to the history, art and culture of the region. For example, the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town invites guests to take a tour of Table Mountain. Guests learn about the geology and natural history of the region. The Ritz-Carlton in Kyoto introduces guests to the centuries-old practice of the Japanese tea ceremony. Traditional sports also awaits travelers: The Aman Tokyo allows guests to learn the fine art of Japanese flower arranging at the Ibekana course.

In conclusion

Educational travel in luxury tourism offers travelers the opportunity to explore the world while enhancing their intellectual and personal growth. The wide range of offers also allows educational trips in a wide variety of specialties. 

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