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Trend Watch: Hairspa

Rossano Ferretti is considered the mastermind of an entire industry. Stars like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence vie for an appointment with the Italian coiffeur. We reveal what all the hype is about.

December 19, 2022

Rossano Ferretti has been giving his clients balayage waves for 40 years, decades before this coloring technique became a trend. So it's not without reason that Ferretti is considered a pioneer of an entire industry. Nevertheless, he does not see himself as a trendsetter. The word "trend" in itself is a horror to him. After all, what is a trend anyway?

"For me, all customers and clients are VIPs," says the celebrity hairstylist. Whether Angelina Jolie sits in front of him or not: a hair analysis comes first. © Tony Gigov

Ferretti wants his customers to feel good in the long term. And not just for the few hours they spend fresh from the hairdresser with a perfect blow-dry. The Italian coiffeur's heart and soul and all his passion go into this endeavor. A visit to one of his 20 locations worldwide should be an experience. Consequently, his salons are called "hairspas."

The "Hairspa" experience

But what can you expect when you visit one of his "hairspas?" First off, his beauty consultants take their time. In the first step, they just listen. "That's the most important thing. The person is the focus," Ferretti emphasizes. The topics? Everything! "Worries, fears, lifestyle – all of these have an influence on the hair," says the maestro. Only when the his beauty consultants have gained a precise picture of the client's personality do they get down to the hair. And it's analyzed in detail: How does it fall in its natural form? What about the structure of the hair? And then it's time to reach for the scissors. But not just any scissors.

Rossano Ferretti

When it comes to cutting, less is often more. The changes should be noticeable, but natural. © Tony Gigov

Ferretti uses his own special scissors. They are to him what the brush is to an artist. Because with them he creates a haircut that has become famous as the "Invisible Cut," according to "The Method," which Ferretti developed himself over many years of work. This takes into account the individual fall of the hair, peculiarities, fashion preferences, the personalities and even the facial expressions and gestures of a person. The result is a hairstyle that is guaranteed to fit. A subtle change, but still noticeable. The famed hairdresser once got paid a whopping 1,500 dollars for his technique. Today, he only wields his scissors for charity events or special occasions. He has long since committed to greater things.

Rossano Ferretti goes live

In the fall of 2023, Ferretti's own TV format, HairStyle: The Talent Show, will hit the airwaves. Together with guest judges, he's looking for the next Rossano Ferretti, as it were. The person who can convince him and the jury not only wins the prestigious title, but also a fully equipped hair salon worth around 150,000 euros. With the show, Ferretti wants to pass on his knowledge. "We take far too little care of our hair," he says. "We pay attention to diet, do sports, go to the spa. But the hair? We forget about it all the time." He aims to change that.

Rossano Feretti

Ferretti's salons convince with exclusive furnishings and an intimate atmosphere. The walls of his salon at the Park Hyatt in Vienna are graced by pictures from his family album. © Tony Gigov

Celebrities and even royals swear by Ferrettis skills. More and more clients fly around the world to get hold of an appointment at one of his hairspas. These can be found exclusively at some of the most beautiful locations in the world. For example, at the Faena Hotel in Miami, the Cheval Blanc Paris, the Park Hyatt in Vienna or the Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru. The latter, by the way, is one of his favorite places where he gathers strength and inspiration. "When you sit in the Blue Beach Club and enjoy the view, it's unique," he enthuses.

Only the best

Worldwide fame, several books, clients like Kate Middleton, his own TV show, a reputation as a pioneer, a brand ambassador for all the giants of the hair industry – how does he do it? "With a lot of discipline. And bravery," Ferretti states. He himself always strives for the best and thinks long-term. He worked on the development of his own product line for eight years. Some of it he spent solely on finding the right fragrance. "Only the best" is also the motto that accompanies him every day.

Also in terms of nutrition. He doesn't stick to any particular diet, but he is meticulous about the quality of his food. "I love my pasta," he confesses. "I have 47 pasta recipes in my book." Food is emotion for him; he's already looking forward to his reservation at Geranium in Copenhagen; his to-do list also includes a table at Massimo Bottura. When he visits his hairspa in Vienna, he prefers The Bank and Brasserie at the Park Hyatt.

Around the world

Ferretti's hairspas can be found in select locations around the world. The only hairspa in German-speaking countries, however, is the one in Vienna's luxury Park Hyatt hotel in the heart of the city center. At all salons, highly trained beauty consultants take care of the clients. They all work according to "The Method" and are "Invisble Cut" trained. The prices are quite reasonable, starting from approx. 150 euros. 

Arany Spa

Ever taken a dip in a safe? At the Park Hyatt Vienna you can! © Park Hyatt Vienna

Top tip: The Park Hyatt Vienna has a beautiful spa called Arany. It's located in the former vaults of the bank building that now houses the hotel. It's worth arriving a few hours before your visit to the hairspa and treating yourself to relaxing hours by the pool, in the sauna or the steam bath. Deeply relaxed, you'll move from the massage table to the salon chair.

Hairspa at Park Hyatt Vienna
Am Hof 2, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Tel.: +43 1 22710 1260

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