Jedes Jahr präsentiert das britische Magazin The Economist eine Liste der lebenswertesten Städte der Welt. Seit vielen Jahren ist Melbourne immer unter den Top Five. Was ist es, das die zweitgrößte Stadt Australiens so attraktiv macht?
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Why Melbourne Is Among the World's Most Livable Cities

Every year, the British magazine The Economist presents a list of the world's most livable cities. For many years, Melbourne has always been among the top five. What is it that makes Australia's second-largest city so attractive?

May 20, 2022

Paradise for gourmets and connoisseurs

The number of gastronomic offerings alone is record-breaking. There are more than 3,500 restaurants and over 2,000 cafés. But the variety of culinary offerings is also huge. The colourful mix of nationalities in this metropolis of four million people is also reflected in the cuisine. Probably no national cuisine is missing. In addition, there are creative crossover offerings with completely new taste experiences.

The "native Australian cuisine" is also surprising, with dishes like those served at the Big Esso in Federation Square, whose ingredients go back to the traditional diet of the Aborigines. Thanks to the open-mindedness of food-loving Melburnians, numerous star chefs and talented up-and-coming chefs come to the city, ensuring a high density of high-end gastronomy. The highlight is the annual Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Not to forget - Melbourne is home to the best coffee.

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Don't forget: Melbourne has the best coffee, or at least that's what the locals say. © Jesse Hisco, Ewen Bell


Lively art and culture scene

Not a day goes by without at least one vernissage attracting those interested in art. Small galleries, spread throughout the city, offer young creatives a stage for their works of art. The number of important museums, such as the National Gallery of Victoria with the largest collection of Australian art, is also considerable. For friends of contemporary art, a visit to the Australian Center for Contemporary Art is worthwhile. The Australian Center for the Moving Image offers fascinating insights into the art of film. If you like, you can even make your own short film here. The futuristic building alone is fascinating.

The street art in the narrow laneways in the city centre is legendary. Visitors can explore the fascinating artworks on their own from Flinders Lane between Russell Street and Swanston Street or join a guided tour. Also worthwhile is the Aboriginal Heritage Walk, which introduces visitors to the art and culture of the city's First Nation people.

Worth seeing: the graffiti art in Melbourne's city center. © Robert Blackburn, Adeline & Lumiere


Melbourne is a green city

The park, which was created as early as 1846, is located in the heart of the city and is one of the most beautiful parks in the world. The extensive area is arranged thematically, offers several small lakes and beautiful open spaces, where concerts and theatre performances take place in the open air in the summer. A special experience here is also the Aboriginal Walk. "Let's go, there's a lot to see in the park," says Dan, who has been guiding visitors through the Royal Botanic Garden for 12 years and is a member of the First Nation people. "A lot of the plants were part of our everyday life."

For example, he shows us the Coranderk tree, whose crushed leaves relieve pain. The sap of the Hope Pine was a natural glue, and for contraception, women chewed the unripe fruit of the kangaroo apple tree. We experience a smoking ceremony that was celebrated at births and weddings, and finish by tasting a cup of lemon myrtle tea. In summer it is drunk as lemonade, in winter as hot tea. Simply delicious. Dan gives us a rule of his people at the end of the tour: out of respect for nature, people should only take as much as they really need for themselves. There is nothing to add to that.

The park in the heart of the city is one of the most beautiful in the world. © Ain Raadik


Sports Capital of the World

Every year, Melbourne hosts the start of the Formula 1 season, and the Australian Open tennis tournament is also one of the most important tournaments in the world. On the first Tuesday in November, the whole country holds its breath - that's when one of the world's most important horse races, the Melbourne Cup, starts. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to the stadiums every weekend for the Australian Rules Football games. The infrastructure in Melbourne is simply perfect - numerous stadiums and sports facilities are available.

But the city's residents are not just spectators. Joggers and cyclists sprint along the beautifully constructed paths at the edge of the Yarra River, people row and paddle on the river, and football is the main sport played on the lawns of the many parks. Visitors to the city can also join in the exercise trend, such as moonlight kayaking. From Docklands, we paddle along the Yarra River to Flinders Station and the Polly Woodside Tallship and experience Melbourne from a completely different perspective.

"Australian Rules Football" in Melbourne - a draw for hundreds of thousands. © Ain Raadik, Michelle Couling


Great environment

The Great Ocean Road, one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world, leads through dense rainforests, wide open country and to the famous cliffs of the Twelve Apostles with spectacular views. Red sandstone cliffs form the Grampians, just an hour's drive from Melbourne. The peaks of the mountains with small, historic towns rise to an altitude of 1,100 meters and are a paradise for hikers and climbers. The Mornington Peninsula with its long golden sandy beaches is not only perfect for swimming in the summer, but it also has numerous golf courses. If you like, you can relax in the hot thermal springs or visit one of the numerous wineries and taste some of the first-class Pinot Noirs. Who wants to get to know more about the Wineries carried on driving to the nearby Yarra Valley.

Phillip Island is a small natural paradise just outside the city. Animal inhabitants such as fur seals, wallabies and koalas can be observed in the smallest of spaces. The stars of the island, however, are the famous dwarf penguins. Every evening after dark, the animals, only 30 centimetres tall, punctually waddle out of the water to the shore, undisturbed by spectators who watch the action from specially erected stands. Just a few kilometres away there is fantastic nature with secluded surfing and swimming beaches that are among the best in Victoria.        

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There are numerous natural spectacles to see on the coast off Melbourne. © Roberto Seba (top), Emily Godfrey (top), Visit Victoria (left), Parks Victoria (right)

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