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Emirates: The Perfect Airline for Foodies?

If you're flying to the other end of the world you should be pampered en route. Question is: Which airline scores with an outstanding cuisine?

March 13, 2024

At a time when many airlines are drastically reducing their in-flight catering offering and cutting comfort - and therefore costs - others are doing the exact opposite. For example, SWISS Airlines recently attracted attention with starred cuisine on board. But Emirates is also making a name for itself as an airline with outstanding cuisine.



77 million meals

The figures alone are astonishing. Because the airline of the United Arab Emirates serves 149 meals per minute. That makes 215,000 per day. In other words: more than 77 million meals per year and they are prepared by 1,400 chefs and cooks. They master 2,200 different recipes and they are not just any recipes, but very special ones.


Many ingredients grow in Emirates' own "vertical farm". © Emirates

Inside the aircraft cabins, the drier air reduces the ability to perceive sweet and salty flavors by around a third. Of course, this has to be taken into account and tasted on the ground during preparation. They also try to make dishes as balanced as possible. This not only tastes good, but also makes them easier to digest. Of course, a selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes is also available.

Experience top restaurant dishes

It goes without saying that the ingredients used are always fresh and of the highest quality. If you're traveling in First or Business Class, you can also look forward to some specialties. Here, they serve you dishes with premium ingredients. For example: truffles, foie gras, Canadian lobster or Japanese nori seaweed. They're seasoned with gourmet garnishes made from Bzar spices, Beurre D'Isigny butter, pink Himalayan salt or saffron. Cooks also use gold and silver leaves, decorating more than 300 Emirates desserts.



Emirates is as an airline with outstanding cuisine. Further figures from First and Business Class prove just that. Last year, its passengers ate 1.2 million fillet steaks and over 10 tons of caviar. There was also 14 tons of Australian Yarra Valley feta. The feast is accompanied by a first-class selection of wines and exclusive champagne.

Fluglinie für Foodies


Emirates is working on continuing to position itself as an airline for foodies. On many routes, for example, travelers in economy class are served Marshfield's ice cream from a British family business. Even the snacks are carefully selected. And to complete the culinary experience, there's regular staff training. The topics include: service techniques, serving dishes and suitable wine recommendations.

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