Insider Tipps für Madeira
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Why We Travel to Madeira Now

The flower island in the Atlantic scores on the one hand with breathtakingly beautiful scenery. On the other hand, there are also some unique To Dos that you should not miss.

26 June 2023

Mild year-round climate, rugged rocky coasts, wonderful people and excellent wine: there are so many reasons why a trip to the island is worthwhile. With a few insider tips for Madeira, however, a great vacation becomes an unforgettable experience.

#Sunrise experience

Insider Tipps für Madeira

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Allegedly, there's a hashtag that is used more often on Instagram than any other: #sunset. There are over 321 million pictures of it. #sunrise occurs much less frequently. Namely only 85 million Pics were provided so far with it. It's no miracle because you have to get up early as a rule. A particularly breathtaking picture in this respect get to experience the early birds, who already venture out in the morning on the way to the summit of the Pico do Areiro. The panorama above the clouds is simply magnificent. Don't forget to take a picture and post it!

Swim in lava

Insider Tipps für Madeira

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Well, so you don't really swim in the volcano or in lava. But rather in a lava basin. These were formed over thousands of years on the northwest coast of the island. About an hour's drive from Funchal, they await visitors all year round. The basins of cooled lava are washed over every day anew by the tides and are newly filled. Here, you can snorkel, swim and cool off wonderfully.

Relax in the fairy forest

It carries the chiming name Laurisilva and is still not recorded in its entire diversity. Too many animals and plants cavort here. Since 1999 it's part of the UNESCO world heritage. It's about 22,000 hectares in size, covering two thirds of the island's surface. It takes its name from the laurel trees, but of course that is not the only species represented here. Even orchids grow in the Laurisilva.

Insider Tipps für Madeira

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The gnarled branches overgrown with moss and ferns and the mist that often lies over the area give it mystical flair. A visit belongs to the absolute Must Dos on the island. Insider tip for Madeira travelers: the renowned designer Nini Andrade Silva gets her inspiration here, among other things.

Marvel at local design

Tipps für Madeira

© Nini Andrade Silva

Number 4 of the insider tips for Madeira also has to do with the designer. In her Design Centre there's not only a great restaurant. It's also a place of encounter. In addition to a permanent exhibition, there's of course also a store and lots of interesting facts about the local art scene. With a little luck, you can also meet the designer in person.

Visit the best sights

Of course, you haven't been to Madeira if you haven't had at least a glass of the local wine and eaten some of the delicious bolos de mel. You also shouldn't miss a trip to Monte.

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The best way to get here from the center of the capital Funchal is by cable car. After you have visited the Botanical Garden at the top, you go down again via a sledge. Hikes along the levadas are also particularly enchanting. The paths lead along the water channels through romantic landscapes.

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