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Our all-time favourite in the Maldives: JOALI

Sustainable, ultra-luxurious and a true oasis in the island paradise of the Maldives - the JOALI scores points all along the line.

2 July 2021

When it opened in late 2018, there was a lot of talk about the " Joali": its contemporary cool design, immersive art and sustainability initiatives. Since then, the resort has received several global accolades and won various design awards. Rightly so! Elegant Travel has visited the "Joali" several times in recent years (most recently in November 2020) and knows exactly why guests also refer to it as "heaven on earth". The resort consists of 73 gorgeous beach and over-water villas, each with one to four bedrooms, private pools, extra-high ceilings and is equipped with every luxurious refinement. A personal butler - your "Jadugar" - is at their disposal 24/7. Aesthetically, the "Joali" reflects the style of the owner Esin Güral Argat.

The resort scores big across the board. © JOALI

You notice the feminine touch in the architecture, and that doesn't mean old-school Froufrou design - on the contrary, everything looks fresh and modern. Not only the functionality, but also the design are geared towards today's generation. You can see this, for example, in the iPads that are available in all the villas: They control electronics such as the TV, air conditioning, curtains, music and sound system, and also provide access to the menu, spa menu and much more. The four different restaurants on the island take culinary delights to a new level: Whether Italian specialties at "Bellinis", Japanese gourmet cuisine at "Saoke" or international cuisine at "Vandhoo" - everything is a treat!

The restaurants entice with a relaxed atmosphere and special corners. © JOALI

A fascinating "art resort", artworks by renowned artists are scattered throughout the island, some even on the seabed. Discover contemporary and experimental works by artists such as Zemer Peled, Nacho Carbonell and Reinaldo Sanguino. Joali's" commitment to the environment is also impressive: on a mission to become Earthcheck-certified, the resort has hired a resident sustainability manager in addition to a marine biologist to lead the reef restoration program. This person is tasked with making the island as waste- and plastic-free as possible - from the tea bags to the toiletries, which are also vegan and chemical-free. This level of luxury is hard to find even in the Maldives. It's only topped by the excellently trained, courteous staff who really do read your every wish from your eyes.

Throughout the resort, you'll find ornate creations, handmade décor and special designs. © JOALI

Luxury, design and sustainability are not mutually exclusive in the "Joali", which is rightly called "heaven on earth".

New opening of the year: JOALI BEING

The first and only nature-based wellbeing island retreat in the Maldives. The "JOALI BEING" sends its guests on a journey of self-discovery and regeneration. The offerings focus on the four pillars of wellness - mind, gut, skin and energy - and draw on modern science and time-honored traditions. A dedicated team of experts including naturopaths, therapists and exercise specialists will work with you every step of the way during your stay. The "JOALI BEING" is nestled among crystal clear lagoons, pristine beaches and lush greenery of coconut palms in Raa Atoll, just a 40-minute seaplane flight from Malé. Scheduled to open in late 2021.

This article appeared in the Falstaff TRAVEL issue Summer 2021.

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