Kykladen-Inseln: Welche ist die richtige für mich?
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From Milos to Mykonos: Which Cyclades island is the right one for me?

Santorini, Mykonos - or rather Milos? The Cyclades are not only beautiful, but also extremely diverse. With our little guide, you're sure to land on the right island this summer.

April 29, 2022

With a total of 39 islands, of which more than half are inhabited, the Cyclades are the most diverse archipelago. Some features of the archipelago are iconic: cubic whitewashed houses, winding alleys, blue-domed roofs and ancient windmills. But there is so much more.

Die Kykladen Inseln - ein Traum in Weiiß und Blau

The view from the window is of paradise in the Cyclades - no matter which of the 59 islands. © Christos Andriopoulos

The spectacular nature awakens the longing for the south in hikers : steep cliffs and wide rocky plateaus lie next to red, black or white sandy beaches. Wonderful olives and grapes ripen on the archipelago - enjoyment is practically in the blood of the islanders. Just like the millennia-old culture: Even today one is amazed by the Cycladic culture and ancient sites like Delos. The islands also show themselves in a more modern manner and are popular destinations for romantics or festive weekends.

Paros, eine der ruhigeren Kykladen-Inseln

The Greek islands at their best: here in a small alley on Paros. © Daria Nepriakhina

An island guide to the Cyclades

Whether you are looking for tranquility, romance, the best cuisine, a ©sporty getaway, culture or the most elegant party: The Cyclades have something to offer for everyone. Which of the almost forty islands is the right one for your own vacation, our guide reveals.

The Cycladic Islands for ...

... Romantic: Santorini and Milos

Volcanic stone cliffs, whitewashed houses perched like tiny speckles above the Mediterranean, and intense sunsets: Santorini, the "Pearl of the Aegean", is the dream destination for lovers. In the island's capital Oía, numerous luxury hotels await honeymooners; a dinner in the light of the evening glow or a boat trip in the caldera make hearts beat faster. 

Oia auf Santorin - eine Traumdestination für Pärchen und Honeymooner

Dream destination for lovers: elegant Santorini. © Massimiliano Donghi

Also very romantic is the colorful Milos, Greece: The contrasting volcanic island with its red rocks, whitewashed houses and rich turquoise blue sea is also the site of the "Venus de Milo", the famous sculpture of the goddess of love. 

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Milos is one of the most romantic places in the Cycladic archipelago. © Selena Taylor

... Gourmands: Tinos and Andros

On the rather unknown island Tinos, the "island of the winds", gourmands will be in for a treat. Between windmills and almost empty beaches, they will discover authentic culinary delights with lots of fresh, seasonal vegetables - especially during the TinosFoodpaths food festival. Fine goat's milk products, pies made of puff pastry, stuffed pasta and fresh seafood are served. 

Traditionelle grieichische Küche

Vacation for connoisseurs in the Cyclades - basically possible everywhere, but especially recommended on Tinos and Andros. © Shutterstock

The green Andros - mostly unnoticed by tourists, all the more popular with the rich and famous - is home to numerous delicatessens and authentic taverns. A must for gourmets!

After an early lunch, walk to the iconic Andros lighthouse. © Shutterstock

... Sports lovers: from Kea to Kimolos

The island surrounded by wind, Amorgos , is perfect for long hikes over rugged, rocky trails otherwise frequented only by mules and the islanders. The longest route is the Palia Strata. Great trails can also be found on Sifnos: Here you trot along the coast on picturesque cliff paths. One of the most beautiful caves of the Cyclades is located on Sikinos, a small island with a lot of untouched nature - worth the visit! 

Kea, the "house island" of the Athenians, is primarily known for its stone lion and Walloon oaks. For hikers, the island with its steep climbs is a delightful challenge. Just like the neighboring island of Kythnos, where the Katafiki Cave and the hot springs are a must-see. Those who like to take photos during the tour will find some great motifs on Kimolos : besides crystal clear water, white sandy beaches and charming cubic architecture, the "chalk island" is characterized by amazing rock formations.

Hikes across Amorgos reveal panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. © Clement Souchet

... Culture enthusiasts: Delos and Naxos

It is the center of the Cyclades: The island of Apollo, Delos, was once an ancient place of worship and sacred to the ancient Greeks. Today, the ruins of the Temple of the Sun God, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990, impress tourists and culture vultures alike. 

Naxos, the largest island in the Cyclades, is a place that attracts the attention of those who want to trace the history of the archipelago during their vacation. One could stroll through the capital, past Venetian-Cycladian buildings, for hours. Ancient temples, as well as churches and monasteries from the Byzantine period, are scattered all over the island. The highlight of Naxos, however, is undoubtedly the Portara on the offshore island of Palátia. 

According to legend, the bay on Delos is the birthplace of the god Apollo. © Shutterstock

... party people: Mykonos and Ios

The 85 square kilometer, lively island Mykonos is the Party island among the Cyclades. The streets are lined with luxurious hotels, elegant bars, clubs and restaurants. The next day, the beach is calling: fine white sand and turquoise expanses - what more could you want after an all-nighter? 

Also, Ios should be a household name for party people: In addition to its charming nature, the eighth largest Cycladic island attracts especially young people with a long party mile and numerous nightclubs.

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Good vibes are guaranteed on Mykonos - especially after the sun goes down, the island comes alive. © Shutterstock

... Seekers of tranquility: from Paros to Syros

Hard to believe, but true: Among the Cyclades there are still some small islands that are relatively spared from mass tourism. Among them for example Folegandros with its steep cliffs, the almost Italian-like Syros or the sandy beach lined Sifnos. Also Serifos, the "Island of Medusa", just a stone's throw away from Athens, is the ideal destination for those who long for a few quiet hours on the beach.

Another haven of peace is Naxos' immediate neighbor, Paros. The island offers quiet villages, excellent restaurants and great nature. It is even more idyllic on the small sister island Antiparos: With its windmills and deserted beaches, it convinces as a peaceful port in the middle of the popular Cyclades archipelago.

The Cyclades can be this quiet and idyllic: Serifos, just a short boat ride from Athens. © Despina Galani

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