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Trend Watch Biohacking: Paving the Way to a Better Life

Better health, youthful looks and higher productivity – biohacking is supposed to be the key to achieving the ideal self. In November, a festival in Ibiza will celebrate the practice.

October 8, 2022

People's average life expectancy has been on the rise for years. But what's the point of living a long life if you can't enjoy it to the fullest due to poor health? Biohackers keep a close eye on their own bodies in order to stay in tip-top shape. One of the pioneers of the biohacking movement is American entrepreneur and author Dave Asprey.

BiohackingBiohackers take a keen interest in nutrition, sports, and physiology. © Unsplash

A bulletproof life

Asprey first rose to popularity with his bestselling book The Bulletproof Diet. He's also the inventor of Bulletproof Coffee, the drink that uses healthy fats to promote a fat-burning metabolism in the morning. His own definition of biohacking is "the art and science of the superhuman." Asprey includes everything that helps improve the body, mind and life.

BiohackingCoffee-powered superpowers? At the very least, the metabolism is said to get a boost from the mix of healthy fats and caffeine. © Jen P.

It sounds innovative, but it's not entirely new. People have been trying to optimize themselves for thousands of years. First, with the help of natural properties found in plants and herbs. Then came dietary supplements, relaxation methods and technical devices. Today, those interested in biohacking can draw from a huge repertoire. They exchange ideas, try things out, and network with like-minded individuals. How far you go for self-optimization is ultimately up to you.

BiohackingSocial contact is an essential component of psychological well-being. © Six Senses

Knowing the facts

From healthy morning rituals to green smoothies and nutritional supplements: biohackers know exactly what they need to do to get through each day with flying colors. The data they need is provided by technical devices and science, among other things. Fitness gadgets, calorie and macronutrient trackers, lab results, studies, implants for permanent monitoring of physical parameters: it's easy to get lost in the abundance of information ... and forget that one of the biggest enemies of healthy living is stress.

BiohackingIt's good to be informed, but don't forget to enjoy your diet, otherwise all efforts will be in vain. © Shutterstock

"Spirituality, fun, community and even sex are important elements in creating a nurturing environment of abundance," says Asprey. Indeed, balance matters. After all, holistic well-being is the goal. And that's hard to achieve if you're constantly busy evaluating the data. In principle, you ideally combine spirituality and mindfulness with sports and nutritional science. What biohackers usually pay attention to is:

  • sufficient sleep
  • supplementing vitamins
  • getting enough macro and micronutrients
  • mindful and conscious living
  • Meditation
  • physical fitness
  • mental health

A biohacking festival

From November 3 to 6, the Six Senses Ibiza will host the first ever Alma Festival. The event focuses on spirituality, wellness and joint celebration. International thought leaders and talent come together for a "soul adventure" of workshops, events, live music, culinary experiences and artistic performances. Also joining the party is wellness luminary and "father of biohacking" Dave Asprey.

Cacao ZeremonieThe Alma Festival also features spiritual elements, such as a cacao ceremony. © Six Senses

"I am honored to be able to share this valuable knowledge with guests during the Alma Festival at Six Senses Ibiza. See you on the dance floor," Asprey says in anticipation. Also on the agenda: a welcome ceremony by spiritual mystic Sah D'Simone, sunset ceremonies, workshops with Jasmine Hemsley and transformative workouts with Taryn Toomey. Mindvalley CEO Vishen Lakhiani and Michael Smith, CEO of the meditation app Calm will also be in attendance.

Six Senses IbizaDream venue: the Six Senses Ibiza recently opened in 2021. © Six Senses

Alma Festival at Six Senses Ibiza
Carrer Camí de sa Torre, 71, 07810 San Juan Bautista, Illes Balears, Spain
Tel.: +34 871 00 88 75
Price: 3 nights incl. full board from €2,805 per person

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