Trendwatch Coolcation: Summer Without Overheating

Increasing summer temperatures mean that travelers are not only looking for beaches and the sea, but also for cool places - a coolcation.

March 11, 2024

Coolcation - it's a word that you won't necessarily find in the dictionary. It describes the classic heat escape. In other words, a trip to places that are naturally cooler so you can escape the increasing temperatures in the city. Here are destinations and trips that are particularly suitable:


Maximum temperature in summer: < 0 °C

Antarktis Pinguine

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The highest temperature ever measured in Antarctica was recorded on February 6, 2020 on Seymour Island. At that time, the thermometer climbed to 20.75 °C, which is not typical. Even in summer, temperatures usually remain well below freezing. If you want to explore Antarctica in style this summer, you should consider a cruise with Silversea.


Maximum temperature in summer: 10 to 15 °C

Coolcation Buenos Aires

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From the vast plains of the Pampas to the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires, there's so much to experience in Argentina. And you're guaranteed not to break a sweat. After all, it's winter in the southern hemisphere. In the cities, you can attend tango shows or indulge in the local cuisine. And in the mountains, the conditions are ideal for winter sports. Tip: In July, you can go whale watching on the Valdés peninsula.


Maximum temperatures in summer: 10 and 15 °C

Island im Juli

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The country is not only ideal for cooling off but also because the temperatures are pleasantly mild. You also get a lot of light now. Thanks to the Midnight Sun, you can enjoy 24 hours of light a day in Iceland. Besides, unlike in winter, the roads are easy to drive on in summer. Geysers, glaciers and volcanic landscapes are waiting to be discovered.

South Africa

Maximum temperatures in summer: 7 and 18 °C


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In South Africa, summer is the so-called Secret Season. This means that there are fewer travelers on the road, the temperatures are ideal for sportive guests and the flora is at its most lush. In terms of fauna, you can look forward to seeing dolphins and whales in the waters around Cape Town. Surfers enjoy the sometimes strong winds.


Maximum temperature in summer: 15 and 22 °C

Coolcation Mittsommerfest

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Midsummer celebrations, music festivals and flea markets are just three of the highlights that Sweden has to offer in summer. The cool northern country also attracts visitors with picturesque archipelagos on the coast and you'll find dense forests and clear lakes inland. Even in July, you won't break a sweat canoeing, hiking or cycling here. Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö tempt you with boutiques and cafés. The sun doesn't set until late, which makes for particularly long evenings.

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