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Five things you only experience in Thailand

Discover the ancient kingdom

7 June 2021

Thailand is considered the perfect holiday destination. Because in the Southeast Asian country can be combined the unique culture with white Dream beaches and emerald jungle landscapes combine. Here are five spectacular things you can only experience in the ancient kingdom.

1. use trees on the sandy beach for shade

We are actually used to lying on miles of sandy beaches and sizzling in the sun. There is no trace of shade! But what if you had dream beaches with natural shade? In Thailand this is perfectly normal. It is not uncommon for palm trees and other imposing trees to wind their way down to the sea. The Bottle Beach in the north of the island is particularly well-known.

Some of the trees on Thailand's beaches reach all the way to the sea. Credit: Sebastian Pichler / Unsplash, Denys Nevozhai / Unsplash

One thing that you probably only experience in Thailand is the famous Full Moon Party of Koh Phangan. The legendary event takes place under normal circumstances (when there is no pandemic) at the so-called Full Moon Beach. Numerous people celebrate and dance with colorful neon clothing and a unique body paint in the light of the moon.

2. observing the sleeping buddha

The Buddha is as much a part of Thailand as dream beaches and food markets. Numerous temples in bright colors and golden decorations line the country. A special attraction is the statue of the reclining Buddha in Wat Pho, which is over 46 meters long. The giant gives the impression that he is sleeping peacefully.

The Sleeping Buddha is considered one of the country's most famous landmarks. Credit: Satya Prem / Pixabay, Michelle Raponi / Pixabay

The world-famous statue in Wat Pho is considered one of the most popular photo motifs in the country. But in the temple in Bangkok are still numerous other highlights. The wall inscriptions, for example, which are now part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3. walk through Jurassic Park

If you want a little more action, it's best to visit one of the country's many nature parks. In the south of Thailand is the Khao Sok. A huge jungle that has a great resemblance to the famous Jurassic Park. Imposing limestone formations alternate with lush trees and exotic plants.

One of the oldest rainforests in the world is Khao Sok. Credit: Arek Socha / PIxabay, Nile / Pixabay

In addition, Khao Sok is one of the oldest rainforests in the world. It is also home to monkeys, tigers, snakes and the world's largest flower: Rafflesia kerrii, which has a diameter of 80 centimeters.

4. discover culinary highlights at Thailand's markets

A great spectacle also awaits in Thailand's markets. Some stock up on unique souvenirs, tailored suits and other treasures. The others jump over their shadows and dare to dive into the country's fancy culinary arts. Between sweet and savoury treats, you'll often find the odd speciality that takes some getting used to, such as spicy crickets or fried grasshoppers.

Thailand's markets are a hive of activity. Credit: Lisheng Chang / Unsplash, Dean Moriarty / Pixabay

If you prefer to stay on the safe side, you can enjoy the typical fried sandwiches and sticky rice with mango.

5. shower with elephants

The gentle giants are a special attraction in Thailand. Unfortunately, they are often exploited for tourist purposes and treated anything but well. Elephant rides should therefore be avoided, as you can assume that the animals must suffer. However, if you still want to observe the impressive elephants up close, you have the opportunity to do so in the numerous elephant sanctuaries.

Elephants are a special attraction in Thailand. Credit: Annie Jenselius / Pixabay, Sasin Tipchai / Pixabay

Great addresses for this are the Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai or the Wildlife Friends Foundation in Bangkok. With a little luck, you can even pet the animals and cool off together with them.

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