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Medical & Beauty: To Look Good Is to Heal

Naturopathy meets cutting-edge medicine: medical spas are increasingly combining innovative vitality medicine with contemporary prevention. But there is also a lot going on in the beauty sector - beauty treatments developed by doctors visibly rejuvenate without the need for a scalpel.

November 26, 2023

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The wellness lifestyle trend covers an increasingly broad field: from relaxing spa weekends and sleep seminars that promise more relaxation to biohacking courses where you can tinker with your own self-optimization using modern technology. What people used to go to different places for in the past now flows together: Wellness and health checks, detox and beauty treatments. The aim is all-round renewal - mentally, health-wise and last but not least visibly. We are looking for the fountain of youth for body and soul.

State-of-the-art treatments

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The trend medical beauty lies between dermatology and cosmetics, the treatments - from fruit acid peels and anti-cellulite treatments to Botox and micro-needling - designed to show rapid, visible improvements. Fraxel lasers, for example, combat sun damage, while collagen-rich, medical-grade masks which are fixed with LED red light provide many times more moisture than hyaluronic acid. The "Lake Austin Spa Resort" specializes in this type of cell cosmetics. Biomedical Valmont anti-aging products, including our signature Triple DNA and RNA Liposome molecules, are used and immediately absorbed by the skin. The aim is for the body to produce more collagen and elastin itself - a sensible and sustainable concept that promises long-term success.

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Once a juxtaposition, now inseparable: mental well-being and good physical appearance, conventional medicine and homeopathy, the latest technology and traditional treatment methods. Psammotherapy, for example, which originates from Egypt and is similar to a bath in hot sand: the deep-acting heat is relaxing and also has a pain-relieving, metabolism-stimulating and detoxifying effect. PRP therapy also shows good results. In this treatment, platelet-rich plasma extracted from the patient's blood stimulates the body's natural healing processes. What used to be considered doping in sport is now used for general well-being. Stem cell injections also use the body's own healing abilities to rejuvenate skin, hair and even joints.

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The focus at medical spas is on the latest scientific findings. However, the ambience is not clinical. Spacious pools, massage rooms with sea or lake views and bright, friendly treatment rooms make you forget that you are taking time out for health reasons. In addition to a competent team of doctors, a loving family atmosphere is required to make you feel completely safe and cared for. The same applies to architecture that is spacious and contemplative - the opposite of uncomfortable hospital rooms.

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At the five-star luxury hotel "Palace Merano", the program includes detox offers and cell resonance treatments as well as Robolex sessions, which are carried out in four steps: Ultrasound cavitation causes fat cells to vibrate and thus burst; the low-level laser dissolves and liquefies fat under the skin; the high-frequency treatment generates heat to perform cellulite treatments, body contouring and skin tightening and enable new collagen formation; a vacuum suction massage eliminates cellulite.

Slowing down the ageing process

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The latest buzzword is longevity. However, it is not necessarily about living as long as possible, but to sustain health, while mitigating the effects of aging. The aim is to proactively treat age-related changes before they occur. At "Palazzo Fiuggi" in Italy, bone density, hormone levels and skin elasticity are measured for this purpose. In addition to cold treatments, intravenous therapies are also included: In this procedure, fluids are supplied directly into the bloodstream, while a selected mix of specific vitamins and minerals is infused at the same time. For many, this is a great boost of energy.


The same applies to this trend: there is strength in reduction. Instead of rash medical interventions, natural solutions are sought so that the body can regenerate and repair itself on its own. The aim is to emphasize a person's unique beauty instead of possibly changing too much through surgery. You look fresher and younger, but retain your authenticity - and it's not just your skin that is happy about it. 

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This article appeared in the Falstaff TRAVEL issue Fall 2023.

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