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Tel Aviv: The highlights of the Israeli metropolis

Mediterranean metropolis with cosmopolitan flair and a pinch of the Orient: Tel Aviv is considered one of the most exciting cities in the world and is definitely worth a trip.

12 November 2021

Located directly on the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv enjoys a Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers, mild to warm temperatures in spring and autumn, and short, wet winters. It's ideal for those who want to escape the winter in Austria ! Another advantage: the city and beaches are no longer overrun by tourists, as can be the case in the summer high season.

The White City of Tel Aviv

One of the architectural highlights of Tel Aviv is the "White City", which comprises about 4,000 buildings in the International and Bauhaus styles. The blocks of houses, squares and public buildings were mostly built by Jewish architects of German descent who had fled to the British Mandate of Palestine to escape the Nazi terror. The district is rightly named: the buildings glow white under the southern sun, and in the midst of the Mediterranean-Oriental environment, this decidedly modernist architecture exerts a very special fascination. The most famous and probably most expensive street is Rothschild Boulevard, which boasts exclusive boutiques and wide bicycle and pedestrian paths. In 2003, the "White City" was even named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The biblical old city of Jaffa

The millennia-old city, which already served as a setting for events in the Bible, has now been restored. Since then, stained glass windows shine in new splendor and speak to Jaffa's moving history. A good starting point for your tour is the Clock Tower or simply follow the seafront promenade. Wandering through the alleys, you will discover many small galleries and observe the hustle and bustle of Jaffa's harbor.

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The artists' quarter Florentin

The artists' quarter Florentin is considered the scene place and backpacker magnet par excellence. Since the 90s, creative people here have turned abandoned houses and old garages into their canvases, on which they let off steam artistically and express their personalities, fears and dreams with colourful graffiti. Especially in the evenings, life pulsates here in the bohemian, alternative and local-international community.

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