Bewusstseinserweiterung und Wellness: Eine Kombination, die Stars wie Ali Wong längst überzeugt hat und nun immer mehr in den Mainstream rückt. Das steckt hinter dem exklusiven Trend.
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Trend Watch Psychedelic Retreats: When Wellness Expands Your Consciousness

The trend that has long won over celebrities like Ali Wong is now gaining mainstream attention. Here's what's behind the buzzy retreat.

February 13, 2023

Probably the most exclusive wellness trend of the year goes far beyond the usual: While baby goat yoga retreats used to be very popular, luxurious ayahuasca and psilocybin retreats will be the talk of the town in 2023. The focus of mind-expanding wellness is not (only) physical, but spiritual wellbeing. The once-in-a-lifetime wellness experience in the most beautiful places in the world has already won over stars such as Miley Cyrus, Will Smith and Ali Wong.

Psychedelische Retreats sind all the rage unter Stars und Promis.

Psychedelic retreats are said to enhance spiritual well-being. © Marina Vitale

The journey to healing: What scientists say

In times when depression, burnout and anxiety disorders are openly talked about, it should come as no surprise that many are looking for non-medical solutions. Yet there are numerous studies that look at the therapeutic efficacy of various mind-expanding herbal medicines. This is because, according to studies, they are said to noticeably reduce psychological stress and disorders by promoting neurogenesis. Specifically, this means that the formation of new neurons is promoted, which can lead to neurological healing.

Ayahuasca und Co. sind der neue Wellnestrend unter den STars.

The psilocybin is known to most as the magic mushroom. © Unsplash

Above all, entheogens - those substances which, when ingested, convey a spiritual feeling of "all-unity" - are at the center of the new trend retreats. Substances such as cannabis, ketamine, psilocybin (known to most as magic mushroom), LSD, ayahuasca and Aztec dream grass are used. 

Psychedelic retreats: Wellness with enlightenment.

So what do luxurious wellness retreats for expanding consciousness look like? The supporting program usually includes classic relaxation exercises. Yoga, meditations, walks in the woods - all those things that are equally good for body and mind find room here.

Yoga und Meditation beim psychedelischen Retreat

Yoga and meditation practices are part of luxurious "psychedelic retreats." © Kaylee Garrett

These daily routines are joined by spiritual practices. In the renowned psychedelic retreats, such as Behold Retreats or Root Healing, these are led by experienced experts and healers. One's own well-being and well-being, as well as one's own personal story, are the first priority. Thus, the first step in the personal healing session is to find out what one's own family, psychological and medical history looks like. And above all, whether one is in the right condition for the spiritual journey.

Bewusstseinserweiterung und Wellness

The psychedelic retreat provides for customized practices. © Shutterstock

Only when the experts find that it can be taken without hesitation does the next step follow. In the ceremonies, which are led by experienced practitioners - such as therapists or licensed shamans and healers - the psychedelic is finally used. Often, a small amount of the substance is used several times a week - which is referred to as micro-dosing. 

How do ayahuasca and co. work?

Psychedelische Retreats sind der Wellnesstrend unter den Schönen und Reichen

Mind-expanding drugs are intended to release deep-seated trauma, among other things. © Shutterstock

The reports of those who have attended such a retreat are mostly very positive. There is talk of a life-changing experience and trauma recovery, spiritual breakthroughs and the dissolution of problematic behavior patterns. Of course, there are possible side effects - including nausea, increased heart rate or sluggishness. It is important to choose a professional provider: only those who are guided by experts can be sure that there will be no serious side effects such as psychosis or anxiety.

5 luxury psychedelic retreats worth visiting

Es ist wohl kein Geheimnis, dass bewusstseinserweiternde Substanzen nicht allerorts legal sind. Die Psychedelischen Luxusretreats finden daher in vielen Ländern wie den Niederlanden und vor allem Lateinamerikas – von Costa Rica bis Peru – statt. Beliebt und äußerst luxuriös sind folgende 5 Wellnessretreats.

Spiritual awakening under palm trees: many of the retreats take place in Latin America. © Roberto Nickson

It's probably no secret that mind-expanding substances are not legal everywhere. The luxury psychedelic retreats therefore take place in many countries such as the Netherlands, Portugal and especially in Latin America - from Costa Rica to Mexico and Peru.

Popular and extremely luxurious are the following 5 wellness retreats:


What? Psilocybin
Where? Netherlands


What? Ayahuasca
Where? Costa Rica

Behold Retreats

What? Ayahuasca, psilocybin, 5-MeO-DMT (bufo toad).
Where? Mexico, Portugal, Costa Rica, Netherlands

Root Healing

What? South African Bwiti tradition
Where? Portugal


What? Psilocybin
Where? Jamaica

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