Reif für die Insel: Auf Airbnb haben Reisende die Möglichkeit, den Traum vom eigenen Eiland, wenn auch nur für ein paar Tage, zur Realität zu machen.
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5 Airbnb Private Islands to Book Now

Ready for the island: On Airbnb, travelers have the opportunity to make the dream of their own island a reality, even if only for a few days.

February 9, 2023

A deserted beach, the gentle sea breeze around your nose, and a whole lot of solitude? There is hardly anyone who has not dreamed of having an entire island to themselves (and their loved ones). Airbnb makes this dream come true (at an affordable price): Because the category "Islands" lists a variety of unique accommodations on very private islets around the globe.

Whether in Sweden, Belize or the USA, Airbnb private island bliss is a hot commodity all over the world. Prices range from affordable amounts around 100 euros per night to several thousand euros for truly luxurious accommodations - depending on location and season. We present five places particularly appealing to us for 2023.

Top 5 Airbnb private islands to book now

Villa Erstaholm

The charming villa in Finland convinces with Scandinavian coziness. © Airbnb

Where: Turku, Finland
Place: 8 guests, 3 bedrooms (incl. children's room), 5 beds
Minimum stay: 6 nights
Price: Island incl. Villa from €990

About two and a half hours from Helsinki, Villa Erstaholm awaits travelers with its authentic Finnish ambiance. Situated on a small island with sea view, surrounded by about three hectares of forest, the accommodation is ideal for a quiet getaway. The interior features cozy, bright colors and modernly interpreted Scandinavian style. The villa is suitable for families as well as groups of friends or couples.

Lighthouse Villa Ligero

On the private island you stay in a lighthouse from the 19th century. © Airbnb

Where: Vis, Split-Dalmatia, Croatia
Place: 10 guests, 4 bedrooms, 5 beds
Minimum stay: 3 nights
Price: Island incl. villa from €535

Just a few steps away - you get from the air-conditioned private lighthouse from the 19th century to the azure expanses of the Adriatic Sea. The historic villa near Vis is ideal for travel pods who fancy sun, (pebble) beach and sea. For a little relaxation, there is also a private Jacuzzi, sun loungers and a view of the blue expanses are also included. .

Private Island Resort by Gecko

Caribbean flair on your own island: possible, thanks to Airbnb. © Airbnb

Where: Belize City, Belize
Place: 4 guests, 2 bedrooms, 2 beds
Minimum stay: 4 nights
Price: Island incl. villa from €4.238

All-inclusive couples vacation in Belize: The private island domicile in the Caribbean is the dream for all luxury fans. Not only the meals prepared by your own gourmet chef are included, but also a half-hour helicopter flight over the reef to Gladden. And during the day you can relax on the private sandy beach.

Swedish private island

The Pippi Longstocking-style villa is located on a private island off Stockholm. © Airbnb

Where: Gustavsberg, Sweden
Place: 10 guests, 7 bedrooms, 16 beds
Minimum stay: 3 nights
Price: Island incl. villa from €1.055

Want some Pippi Longstocking flair? Just half an hour from Stockholm, this charming villa is located on the private island near Gustavsberg. Here you could spend hours sitting on the veranda and gazing out over the water. The accommodation also includes a small beach, a barbecue area, and its own sauna.

The Arctic Hideaway

The Arctic Hideaway looks out over the Norwegian fjords. © Airbnb

Where: Gildeskål, Nordland, Norway
Place: 2 guests, 1 bedroom, 1 beds
Minimum stay: 1 nights
Price: Island villa from €278

An island of your own is good - but you still want a little company? The Arctic Hideaway accommodates its guests in eleven modern tiny houses with a view of the sea. Some buildings, such as the Kitchen House or the Bath House, are shared. So you can wander around the island on your own during the day, and in the evening you can talk to each other over dinner or in the sauna.

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