Paradise Island, Bahamas. Denn sie wissen, was sie tun, wenn es um Traumurlaube geht: Die Celebrities und Stars dieser Welt reisen jedes Jahr an die schönsten Destinationen. Ob Bahamas, Brasilien oder Mexiko, diese 7 schönsten Reiseziele der Promis sollte man 2022 besucht haben.
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Celebrity Vacay: The stars are headed to these 7 destinations in 2022

Because they know what they're doing - when it comes to dream vacations: the celebrities and stars of this world travel to the most beautiful destinations every year. Whether Bahamas, Brazil or Mexico, these 7 most beautiful destinations of these celebrities are must-visits in 2022.

April 10, 2022

The travel destinations should not only be beautiful, luxurious and exclusive, but also as private as possible. Also in 2022, the stars, from Billie Eilish to Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber, will spend their free time in the most beautiful places in the world. Exotic getaways like the Bahamas and Hawaii are on the hot list, as are European evergreens like Mykonos and Saint Tropez.

Promis auf Urlaub: Das sind die Reiseziele der Stars 2022

From Billie Eilish to Justin Bieber, stars vacation in the world's most beautiful places. © Shutterstock

1. city flair meets tropics: Florianópolis, Brazil

Florianópolis, the capital of the Brazilian state of Catarina, is largely located on an offshore island - which is why the city is also called Ilha da Magia or Floripa. The city by the sea is also magical for celebrities, including supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio or soccer god Ronaldo. And not without reason: over forty beautiful beaches invite you to sunbathe and surf. Luxurious clubs, where night is turned into day, are hidden between picturesque fishing villages steeped in history.

Rio? No way: Florianópolis, located further south, is a paradise hideaway for celebrities. © Flickr

2. island idyll: Mykonos, Greece

Who does not dream of Mykonos? The Greek Cyclades island with its whitewashed houses and crystal-clear sea is not only an excellent photo backdrop and party island - it is also a convincing quiet hideaway. Stars such as Marlon Brando and Brigitte Bardot have been drawn here time and again, and Tom Hanks can also call himself a proud owner of his own home in Mykonos. Celebrities are often drawn to Nammos to see and be seen.

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Even the stars dream of a dream vacation on the Cycladic islands - Mykonos in particular, with its relaxed atmosphere, always attracts the rich and famous. © Johnny Africa

3. luxury island: Paradise Island, Bahamas

Just a stone's throw away from Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, paradise is waiting for you. Literally, Paradise Island has already won over celebrities like Beyonce and Jay Z as a prime travel destination, and even Alessandra Ambrosio has been spotted in the Bahamas this year. Some enjoy the amenities of the famous Atlantis resort, where you'll run into a celebrity at every turn. Others, like Johnny Depp, treat themselves to their own island.

Pure white beaches and retreat in the Bahamas: Paradise Island. © Allen Dewberry Jr.

4. sports mecca in the Pacific: Maui, Hawaii

Crystal-clear water, deep green forests and a kaleidoscope of activities: Maui, the second-largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago, is especially popular with celebrities, such as Billie Eilish. Sports and adventure beckon here, with boat rides through caves followed by jungle ziplines. For some celebs, the attraction was so great that they now own a house on Maui - including Oprah Winfrey, Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson.

Surfing, hiking, canoeing: A-listers love Maui. © Shutterstock

5. party and beach: Tulum, Mexico

The former Mayan city of Zamá is now Mexico's cult site for sun-seekers and the jet set. Here, celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Demi Moore or Cameron Diaz dip their toes into the turquoise expanse of the Caribbean. At night, Tulum really comes to life: People gather in the luxurious clubs of the party city and dance to the beats of world-famous DJs.

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Along with Cabo, Tulum is one of the trending destinations for the stars in Mexico. © Anna Sullivan

6. yacht paradise and party mood: Saint Tropez, France

The south of France, that sounds like a promise - even for the A-list. St. Tropez still has an almost magical attraction for the rich and beautiful, who not only take yacht excursions along the picturesque coastline to the rugged Calanques fjords, but also enjoy the haute cuisine of Provence. Not to mention the exclusive parties that take place on yachts and in luxury clubs. Celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Moss and J-Lo vacation here.

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World stars like Leonardo DiCaprio are always drawn to the French Riviera. © Bapt Miller

7. Abu Dhabi and Dubai, United Arab Emirates

When it comes to the perfect vacation destination, these two cities are an obvious choice for celebrities: Luxury as far as the eye can see, prime seaside locations and high life in the city make Abu Dhabi and Dubai ideal hotspots for a getaway. The Middle East attracts stars like 7-million-follower influencer Negin Mirsalehi, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Will Smith. Dubai resident Lindsay Lohan is even said to want to set up her own island in Dubai called "Lindsayland".

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Skyline meets dream beach: Abu Dhabi convinces even the stars as a luxurious metropolis on the Persian Gulf. © Larry Teo

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