Editor's Choice: Roman romance at the Hotel Vilòn

The unique "Hotel & Palazzo Vilòn" might be the most stunning and luxurious hideaway in the illustrious Italian capital.

Soho House: Long live the creative spirit

What began almost 30 years ago as a members' club for creative minds in London has become nothing short of a global phenomenon. With a simple concept, a penchant for exclusivity, and a keen eye for outstanding design, the international brand is now the epitome of coolness and joie de vivre.

Ask a Hotelier: Dina De luca Chartouni

When the creative director of the New York boutique hotel The Lowell - and fiancée of Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer - is not commuting between the US East Coast and London, she is enjoying the sweet life in Italy or looking for unique adventures in remote places such as Antarctica.

This is Why We Love Urban Resorts

Fascinating city trip or relaxed resort vacation? One doesn't have to exclude the other. If you can't decide between stimulation and relaxation, simply combine the two. These hotels offer vacation feeling in the middle of the metropolis.

That's why French Style is in now

When it comes to couture, cuisine, lifestyle, and taste, we’ve always looked to France. But besides its accomplishments in those areas, La Grande Nation has also produced a new generation of hotel designers who will shape the aesthetic of luxury lodgings for many years to come.

The top chalets in the Alps

Snow in front of the chalet, warmth from the fireplace: chalets are the epitome of luxury. Cozy furs, candlelight and wooden walls create a cozy atmosphere, while outside winter shows its most beautiful side.

The Giant Hype Around the Chalet

Chalets are a luxurious way to travel back in time and still not give up any comfort. Not only since the pandemic but even earlier, traditional wooden houses in the mountains, where you can leave the hustle and bustle of the world behind, have been booming.

These are the 10 best boutique hotels in Europe

They are small and exquisite - and mostly privately owned: boutique hotels are in vogue because they combine exceptional design with a family atmosphere. These ten addresses in Europe are now worth a trip.

This Designer's Hotels Score With Colorful Charm

It's a feeling of coming home that overcomes you when entering a Firmdale Hotels property for the first time. This is no coincidence - because Kit Kemp, designer, creative director of the group and part of the ownership duo, chooses every detail with care.

Smart Travels: The Best Gadgets for Your Next Trip

From bikinis that alert you to reapply sunscreen and phone-powered insect sticks to high-tech luggage: these gadgets are smart companions for your next vacation.

Carmensita: The most stylish summer dresses of the year

Traveling the world in Austrian apparel: there's nothing quite like taking your new favorite dress on vacation. Carmensita's sustainable and limited collection is the fashion must-have of the season.

Masterminds: Experimental Group

These four men are the brains behind one of Europe's trendiest hospitality brands. They set the tone for cocktail bars, mix in restaurants and garnish the result with extravagant hotels.

These are the most spectacular luxury sailing yachts in the world

A person with dreams wants a ship with sails, say quite a few. These are the most sensational luxury yachts in the world.

These are the most luxurious weekenders

Whether for a short weekend getaway or a business trip: Weekender is always the right choice. Nothing stands in the way of stylish travel!

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