Munich's Spring Festival: The New Oktoberfest?

Around 7.2 million people enjoyed themselves at the Wiesn last fall, making it one of the most famous folk festivals in the world. But the spring festival in Munich is just as beautiful.

Domes: Luxurious lifestyle resorts

In addition to family-friendly destinations and elegant adults-only resorts in Greece and Portugal, Domes also boasts a fine-dining hotspot in Athens.

Here Are This Year's Best Travel Destinations in May

From north to south, from east to west: These destinations should definitely be on your bucket list in May 2024, including hotel tips!

The Mar-Bella Collection: Magical retreats on the Ionian Sea

The Mar-Bella Collection's hotels on the island of Corfu and on the west coast of Greece grant blissful getaways to discerning guests.

COMO: Private island retreats in the Maldives

Whether you're seeking a tranquil oasis or a tropical luxury hideaway: COMO's two resorts in the Maldives combine fantastic wellness moments, world-class cuisine and the spirit of the atolls.

Perfect for Your Bucket List: Midsummer in Sweden

Wreaths of flowers in your hair, sun on your skin and good food: Midsummer in Sweden remains one of the best festivals in the north.


Above the bay of Camp de Mar, surrounded by nature, lies a gem that combines stylish luxury, relaxation and a new way of exclusivity: the Zafiro Palace Andratx.

Ask a frequent traveler: Martin Brudnizki

The design world can't get enough of this Swedish interior designer who creates lavish interiors for celebrated brands, hoteliers and restaurateurs. His latest coup: the hotel La Fantaisie in Paris. In this interview, he reveals what constitutes his unmistakable style as weil as what currently tops his bucket list.

Wild Charm and Historic Cities: Discover Colombia from the Mountains to the Coast

Colombia has been notorious for its drug cartels and civil war for a long time. However, since the peace agreement, the country has opened up to tourism again. The magnificent colonial buildings, the green mountains and the picturesque port city of Cartagena have even convinced Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Rocco Forte Takes you Through Europe in 16 Days

How about traveling through Europe in 16 days? The new Rocco Forte train journey proves that sustainable travel and luxury are not mutually exclusive.

Escape Your Pollen Allergy With These Vacation Destinations

When spring arrives with "feelings" of the allergic kind, those affected only want one thing: to get away. Fortunately, there are plenty of destinations to escape pollen allergies.

Are these the most exciting spots in Indonesia?

The land of 17,500 islands has much to offer - here is a selection of the most interesting hotels and eateries.

Introducing Three New Luxury Cruises by Explora Journeys

Just last August, the first Explora Journeys ship set off on its maiden voyage. This year, new ships and new routes are on the program.

Secret Season: Discover Cape Town in Winter

Between June and September it's winter in South Africa - this is the best time to visit the country and its capital.

Explore Indonesia's Island Beauty

Indonesia's travel gem consists of more than 17,500 islands, seemingly strung together like pearls between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Here, travelers can discover breathtaking nature and unique culture.

The Best Travel Destinations in April 2024

Pleasant temperatures while sightseeing, a colorful spring awakening and exuberant festivals: You can make it happen with our travel destinations in April 2024.

Find Europe's Best Cities for a Spa Vacation

For more and more travelers, wellness is simply part of a successful vacation. But where can you experience wellness at the next level?

Get married at the hotel: say "I do" in a dreamlike setting!

Getting married in a hotel has many advantages: The distance from the wedding reception to the wedding night or from the buffet to the bed is short. The ambience is luxurious and the service is top-notch. Provided you choose one of these accommodations.

The Sunnmøre Alps: Adventure up north

Ski touring high above the fjords: The Sunnmøre Alps are renowned as one of Norway's snowiest regions. In the winter, the majestic mountains beckon with a superb deep-snow experience, a taste of "hygge" and a glimpse of the ethereal Northern Lights –free from the disruptions of mass tourism.

Capitals of Culture 2024: Tartu's Highlights

These events, highlights for gourmets and activities should definitely be on your bucket list when visiting the Capital of Culture Tartu!

Gourmet Summit: Enjoy the Best Huts in Trentino

Numerous temptations at the best mountain huts in Trentino show that mountains are no longer just for sportive people, but also for connoisseurs.

Experience a Very Special Easter Vacation in the Canary Islands

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Easter in the Canary Islands is probably the sunny weather. However, there are other reasons to travel to the archipelago too.

The myth of Badrutt's Palace

For nearly 130 years, five generations of innovative hoteliers have helped develop this historic property into one of the finest and most celebrated establishments worldwide.

The Most Beautiful Hotels in the Dolomites

The breathtaking peaks and picturesque valleys of Northern Italy are home to some of the most enchanting hotels in the Alps. We show you the most beautful ones.

The flair of Val d'Isère

While altitude, the number of cable car gondolas, and the length of its pistes are certainly important for a winter sports destination, what elevates a resort to world-class status is its flair – a captivating blend of wintertime activities, elegant hotels, and fine international cuisine, presented against a breathtaking mountain backdrop.

Winter Escape: Find Summer Temperatures With These 5 Destinations

If you prefer a beach vacation in winter to skiing in spring, you should take a closer look at these sunny destinations

Shortcuts: Francis Ford Coppola

The 84-year-old American movie director is not just a legend in his field; his expertise also extends to the realms of wine, hotels, and travel. Here is his ultimate travel guide.

Gourmet Tips in The Dolomites: The Best Places to Eat in Northern Italy

The Dolomites don't just offer breathtaking landscapes - they also have culinary highlights. Here are some of the very best addresses in Northern Italy.

Hype of The Moment: The Dolomites

Perfect snow, sunny mountain views and hotels right on the ski slopes: Northern Italy, with its spectacular mountain range, the Dolomites, is a winter wonderland. While it's still considered an insider tip, there's hardly any other region that combines pleasure and sport so ideally.

Chalet Mimi: Find Absolute Privacy in Oberlech

On a winter vacation with the family, you need one thing above all: plenty of space! But the luxurious Chalet Mimi in Oberlech, Austria, offers much more than that. Fashion and lifestyle blogger and mother of two, Olga Löffler, tested the hideaway in the mountains and offers insights into her dream vacation hideaway.

Why You Should Experience Winter in Mallorca

Thanks to more flights, more hotels and more offers, winter in Mallorca in 2024 will be better than ever before.

Traveling Against the Flow: Where to Relax Away from the Crowds in the Low Season

The urge to travel is higher than ever before; hardly anyone is not planning to go on vacation in 2024. Those who long for popular destinations, but prefer peace and quiet, are therefore best off vacationing in the low season.

Why a Vacation in Trieste in 2024 is a Good Idea

It's often referred to as the Pearl of the Adriatic and is indeed a city with many attractions. There are many reasons for a vacation in Trieste, and not just from a culinary point of view.

These 5 Destinations for Carnival Fans Bring Color to Your February

Music, an exuberant atmosphere and an almost tangible joie de vivre: Parades and street parties have long been popular destinations for carnival fans. But where does the party really get going?

These Are the Best Addresses for a Detox Vacation

Rest and regeneration in a luxurious feel-good atmosphere, with individual treatments and the latest scientific findings - these resorts make it possible.

Hurtigruten Expeditions: A once in a lifetime experience

Few places are as fascinating as the Northwest Passage in the Arctic Ocean. On a Hurtigruten expedition, adventurers immerse themselves in the secrets of the farthest North.

Are these the best destinations for Veganuary 2024?

Regardless of whether you eschew animal products all year or simply want to support Veganuary, these destinations are particularly suitable for a cruelty-free start to the new year.

Detox, Boot Camp & Co: Here's How to Get the New Year off to a Healthy Start

After the holidays with all their culinary temptations, it's time for a fresh start. These fasting and detox offers will help you start the new year.

Why a Short Trip to Paris in Winter is Worthwhile

The capital of France is enchanting at any time of year. But Paris in winter is something very special: You can ice skate at famous sights and then get to warm up in Parisian restaurants!

These Are the 5 Safest Travel Destinations in 2024

Many factors play a role in travel planning - including safety. Now, a new report provides an overview of the safest travel destinations in 2024.

Northern Italy's most beautiful winter regions

Majestic Alpine peaks, snow-covered slopes, charming mountain villages, and a heady mix of Alpine and Mediterranean culture: These are the most beautiful winter regions in northern Italy.

Why Patagonia is Worth a Trip

The big dream of freedom: In Patagonia, you feel tiny - not only because of the dramatic landscape, but also because this huge natural scenery is hardly populated. A visit to the Perito Moreno Glacier is an impressive journey into the eternal ice.

Christmas Hotels in Europe: No chance for the Grinch!

Festively decorated entrances, a Santa in the lobby and a Christmas tree in the suite: Hotels that will stand out as particularly Christmassy hotels in Europe in 2023.

The Magic of Al-Ula

The Incense Trade Route, one of the oldest trade routes in the world, once ran through the Saudi Arabian oasis. Even today, fascinating rock tombs bear witness to its rich history. These have recently been joined by architectural masterpieces, exclusive resorts and a top-class entertainment program. And best of all: Al-Ula is still an insider tip.

Are These the Best Travel Destinations in January 2024?

From a winter ski destination to a hotspot for fans of warmer climes: Why these five destinations guarantee maximum vacation enjoyment in January 2024.

Are These the 5 Best Ski Resorts in the World?

With the Ski Resort Score the team behind the Blacks Outdoors brand has determined the best ski resorts in the world. Here are the top 5.

Are These the Best Christmas Markets in London?

London is known for its beautiful Christmas lights. But in the run-up to Christmas the Thames metropolis is not only known for its lights. Here are the most beautiful Christmas markets in London.

Are These the Best Travel Destinations in December 2023?

Whether you are a winter fan or prefer sun, sand and sea, the ideal destinations in December 2023 are characterized by many advantages.

Tre Cime di Lavaredo: Natural wonder in northern Italy

One of the most beautiful hiking routes in the Alps leads right through the heart of a Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site: the iconic Tre Cime di Lavaredo provide an incomparable panorama, whatever the season.

Hymer ML-T: The all-rounder for any terrain

#Vanlife is now even more luxurious and environmentally friendly: the "Hymer ML-T" sets new standards for comfort on demanding routes.

Sterrekopje: The Healing Farm

The path to self-healing isn't always easy, but it can be more enriching than one would ever have dared to dream. On Sterrekopje, a South African farm run by two Dutch women, you don't just find yourself, but grow beyond yourself in unexpected ways.

Why You Should Travel to Taiwan This Fall

Taiwan is a gourmet paradise with an incredibly diverse cuisine. Nevertheless, the country isn't overrun with tourists - however, there's everything from hot springs to culture and modern cities that makes a trip exciting.

Holistic Holidays in the Maldives

The wonderful world of the Maldives is not only visited for its dream beaches. More and more luxury resorts are focusing on holistic wellness programs that allow guests to intensify their contact with themselves as well as experience nature up close.

Why You Should Travel to Oman Now

Multifaceted - this is probably the best way to describe the Sultanate on the Arabian Peninsula. Historical places invite you to travel back in time, and nature lovers will also get their money's worth: The seemingly endless desert landscapes are just as impressive as the majestic mountain ranges and beautiful sandy beaches.

5 Reasons to Travel to Aruba

The small Caribbean island not only impresses with its crystal-clear water and endless beaches. That's why Aruba should be on your Caribbean bucket list.

These Fairy-tale Places in Europe Enchant with Charming Christmas Markets

These Christmas markets in Europe promise pre-Christmas atmosphere, twinkling lights and culinary delights. Plus: These are the most romantic hotels!

Why Florida is Now Worth a Trip

Florida is more than a US state, it's a way of life. The clocks run leisurely here, people enjoy life with all its sunny sides - which, of course, also fits perfectly for tourists in the Sunshine State with its many dream beaches.

Elegant Travel: Infinite Expanses

Elephants, gazelles and lions live in the wild in the Okavango Delta of Botswana. The untouched region is an absolute insider tip for safari vacations far away from mass tourism. Franziska Flierl from tour operator Elegant Travel knows all the hidden gems.

Are These the Best Travel Destinations in November 2023?

Sunny hours at the beach, extensive city sightseeing or would you rather have an autumn atmosphere in nature? The best destinations in November 2023 offer something for everyone.

Are these the most anticipated new openings this fall?

The most exciting recent hotel additions around the globe: from a family hotel on the Riviera Maya to a private island in the Red Sea to city hotels in metropolises like London.

Why We Travel to New Zealand This Fall

The most beautiful end of the world is a dream destination for many travelers - no wonder, the island state simply has everything that makes the hearts of adventurers beat faster: glaciers, fjords, volcanoes, but also sandy beaches to relax on and ancient Maori history to discover.

This is Why You Should Visit Botswana This Fall

Botswana, which consistently relies on high-priced, environmentally friendly tourism and conservation projects, boasts one of the most biodiverse wildlife environments on earth. In the Okavango Delta, you can even observe rare wild dogs.

These Are the 5 Most Popular Hot Spots in Autumn

Unique animal encounters in Botswana, a second summer in Florida, cultural treasures in Taiwan and rugged nature in Patagonia and New Zealand: Our hot spots in the fall lead to faraway places where there's still plenty of new territory to discover, even for the well-traveled.

The taste of Hong Kong

From hip street food joints to fine dining spots, Hong Kong has long been considered the culinary capital of Asia by foodies. Even the journey to Hong Kong is a culinary highlight thanks to Cathay Pacific.

Achenseeschifffahrt: Experience the world of Whisky

The Achensee's famous cruise operator has taken a liking to Scotch: Once again, they invite one and all to join them for a "Whisky Cruise".

Mauritius - Relaxation Under Palm Trees and White Sandy Beaches

If you've ever had postcards from Mauritius in your mailbox, you know that you can find them here, miles and miles of pristine palm beaches, just like in a picture book.

These are the most beautiful spa hotels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy

From Holistic Wellness to effective treatments and deep massages to innovative concepts, these retreats guarantee a relaxing getaway.

These 5 mountain huts in the Alps are real Insta-gold

As an expert for travel in alpine regions, the tour operator SnowTrex has now surveyed the most popular mountain huts in the Alpine region.

Are These the 5 Most Beautiful Insta-spots in Fall 2023?

Colorful leaves, misty fields and golden light magically transform many places now. But where are the best Insta-spots hiding in autumn 2023?

That's Why We Want to Go to Tuscany in Fall

There's probably no season in which the rolling hills of Tuscany don't show their most beautiful side. But autumn in Tuscany is on a whole different level.

Four Seasons Maldives at Kuda Huraa: Between Sky and Sea

The exclusive resort in the North Malé Atoll boasts a private spa island, spectacular water villas, and the legendary service of the Four Seasons.

Are These the 5 Most Beautiful Cities for a Short Trip to England?

Great Britain is best known for London. But other destinations are also worthwhile for a short trip. Here are five of the most beautiful cities on the island.

Are These the Best Alpine Huts and Inns in South Tyrol?

Tradition is being lived in South Tyrol - and it's also constantly renewed. Even rustic alpine huts and inns attach importance to sustainability, organic products and the highest quality. Here are 9 addresses that shouldn't be missed.

Are These the Most Beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe?

Of the total of 1,199 UNESCO World Heritage sites from 168 countries, 491 are located in Europe. But which of them are worth a visit?

10 reasons to take to the mountains

Where peaks rise into the sky and charming villages nestle in deep valleys, all is still right with the world. The feeling of freedom, the clean air and clocks that tick a little bit slower are what attract people to mountaineering just as much as the prospect of an adrenaline rush.

Why We Want to Travel to the Maldives Now

First of all: Is there any reason not to have the dreamlike group of islands in the Indian Ocean at the top of your bucket list? No! If you still hesitate, you should definitely continue reading.

Ask a Hotelier: Marie-Louise Sció

Raised in the glamorous world of Il Pellicano, Roman hotel heiress Marie-Louise Sciò embodies dolce vita and Italian lifestyle like no other. Who better to answer our travel questionnaire!

Are These the Best Travel Destinations in October 2023?

Golden light and colorful autumn leaves on the one hand, the promise of winter and the longing for summer on the other: October presents itself in a variety of ways.

These Are the 3 Most Beautiful Eco-friendly Hotels in South Tyrol

Relaxation, sustainability, impeccable design and breathtaking landscapes: These three top addresses effortlessly combine all four into an indescribable and eco-friendly experience.

What Ruska Is - and Why We Love It so Much!

There is constant talk about the "Golden Autumn". But hardly anyone talks about "Ruska". That's a shame, because Finland's autumnal natural spectacle is beautiful.

Never-Ending Summer: The Best Destinations for Warm Weather During Autumn

When the air cools off in the evenings and the light is getting more golden, autumn is on its way. But if you're determined not to say goodbye to summer just yet, these European destinations are the place to be.

Richard Branson's breathtaking new hotel on Mallorca

Review: The dreamy Son Bunyola shows Mallorca from its most idyllic side.

Bangkok for Foodies

For a long time, the first thoughts that came to a foodie’s mind when Bangkok came up were of food stalls, excellent street food, and the exciting, diverse tastes of traditional Thai cuisine. Over the last few years, however, the city has also been establishing a growing reputation as a fine dining destination.

Why We Are Lookong Forward to Autumn

Every season has its beautiful sides, but often the farewell to summer is particularly difficult. However, there are many beautiful aspects that only autumn can offer.

The Sun in a Glass: South Tyrol's Wine Region

South Tyrol is a wine region with great diversity: grapes for the Kerner and Silvaner grow on steep slopes, young winegrowers are rediscovering old varieties such as Vernatsch - and organically produced wine is also enjoying great popularity.

The legend of Belmond

The story began in 1976 with the Hotel Cipriani in Venice, followed by the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express which transports passengers to La Serenissima in style. Today, Belmond has 45 hotels, trains, cruise ships, and safari lodges, all offering memorable travel experiences.

Fascination South Tyrol: Back to the Origin

Maximum variety without long distances: the wonder world of the Dolomites shows the richness that comes from reducing things to the essentials. Chic cities such as Merano and Bolzano invite you to stroll - and in the culinary world, tradition and innovation enter into creative fusions.

The Passalacqua is the latest and greatest in pure luxury on Lake Como

The picturesque landscape around Lake Como looks like a movie set – with the luxurious hotel Passalacqua as its new star.

Tasty Istria: The most exciting gourmet destination in Europe?

The heart-shaped peninsula in the Adriatic has emerged as one of the most appetizing destinations in Europe – with seasonal treats on offer all year round. From scampi to truffles, from rustic agriturism to elegant fine dining, Istrian cuisine showcases the excellent local ingredients and the region’s multicultural heritage.

Into the Wild: See wildlife up close

There are moments that are unique; they feel so good they give you goosebumps, and touch you so deeply you remember them for the rest of your life – the kind of magical moments that come from once-in-a-lifetime experiences. These destinations offer such moments by giving you the keys to the animal kingdom.

Magicial Melides: The New Place to Be?

The opening of a new luxury boutique hotel by star designer Christian Louboutin draws this sleepy enclave on Portugal’s Atlantic coast firmly onto our holiday map.

Nammos: World Class Cuisine

Alessandra Ambrosio, Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande ... the list of celebrity fans goes on and on. Launched in 2003, the glamorous beach club concept Nammos is poised to continue its triumph around the world – helipad, yacht shuttle, private plunge pools, and caviar menu included.

Top sports at the resort: Here you train with winners

Play tennis with Wimbledon champion Pat Cash, go kart racing with Formula 1 legend Giancarlo Fisichella or swim with world champion Tania Gagnotto – these luxury sports resorts make it possible.

Architecture in South Tyrol: So Close to Heaven

South Tyrol is an architectural El Dorado: nowhere else can so many fascinating and unusual buildings be discovered that fit perfectly into the rugged mountain landscape. High-quality materials are standard here.

These Are the Best Destinations in September 2023

Do you want to extend the summer indefinitely or already get in the mood for autumn? Hiking or wellness? Beach or city? Here are the destinations that guarantee an unforgettable stay in September 2023.

These are the Three Most Beautiful Lakes in South Tyrol

Even in the mountains you don't have to miss out on swimming; here are some of the most beautiful lakes and swimming opportunities in South Tyrol.

Sicily: Isola Bella

The Mediterranean island with its majestic mountains and hidden bays, ancient temples and baroque cities has been a dream destination for generations. The hype surrounding the TV sensation “The White Lotus” has rekindled the fire and is now putting a spotlight on new hotels that have brought unimagined luxury to the island.

South Tyrol: Active in the Mountains

Hardly any other region can shine as much with its sporting diversity as the multifaceted South Tyrol, where a world of activities - from hiking to climbing to mountain biking - awaits visitors who love exercise.

Why Jamaica is Also Worth a Trip Away from the Beaches

Yes, Jamaica has beautiful beaches. Yes, they are worth a trip. But: the island can do so much more! Here are the best tips for Jamaica.

The 3 Best Hiking Routes in South Tyrol

Some of the most beautiful panoramas of the Alps make the hiking routes in South Tyrol unforgettable experiences - whether for beginners, advanced hikers or experts.

The Three Most Beautiful Via Ferratas in South Tyrol

Reaching the top of the world: once you've felt the exhilaration of climbing, you'll always want to go higher. The via ferratas of South Tyrol provide the remedy.

Why We Want to Go to St. Pete/Clearwater Now

The region is actually known mainly for its beautiful and award-winning sandy beaches. But there are many more reasons for a trip to the Gulf Coast of Florida!

Why We Want to Go to Ras al Khaimah Now

Even the name of the destination sounds like the Arabian Nights: Ras al Khaimah. There are many reasons to visit the city in the emirate of the same name.

These are the best destinations in August 2023

Wonderful nature, unforgettable experiences, beach feeling or city life: here are the destinations that promise a dreamlike time out in August.

These 6 All-inclusive Resorts Offer Pure Luxury

Fixed price and exclusivity are not mutually exclusive: these superlative trend resorts promise unforgettable experiences with no nasty surprises.

This Is Why Puglia Is the Insider Tip of the Summer

You almost think you are taking a trip back in time in the deep south of Italy, between the country's longest coastline and picturesque towns.

Why Cyprus is One of the Summer Hotspots 2023

Chosen by the gods, the Mediterranean island is one of the most romantic destinations in Europe - it beguiles visitors with 10,000 years of history.

Ibiza & Formentera: The Trend Destination of This Summer

Ibiza's reputation precedes it, and in many ways it lives up to its party image - but the white island in the Mediterranean offers so much more than just cool cocktails and cool beats. Especially in conjunction with the neighboring island of Formentera, you can look forward to a varied summer, with relaxing days on the beach and sleepless nights on the dance floor.

Why Montenegro is worth a Trip this summer

Long underrated as a European summer destination, Montenegro, a small Balkan state on the Adriatic Sea, is rapidly emerging into an exclusive getaway with a variety of picturesque towns, world-class hotels and groundbreaking nature.

This is why you should travel to Corfu this summer

Between gods and glamour as well as myth and modernity, one walks on the Ionian island in the footsteps of Homer, Sisi and Jackie O. With a perfect mix of culture, nature and cuisine, Corfu is still one of the most exclusive destinations in Greece.

Why you should travel to Capri this summer

It's only a 45-minute boat ride from Naples to Capri - but at the end of it, a completely different world awaits visitors. The island stands in absolute contrast to the bustling city.

These are the 7 hottest destinations this summer

You don't have to travel halfway around the world to fully enjoy summer. From the hottest beach clubs in Saint-Tropez and Ibiza, to vivid culture on Corfu and Cyprus, to breathtaking nature in Puglia and Montenegro, these European destinations present Mediterranean charm at its most beautiful and diverse.

These Are the Best Places for Stargazing

Every year at the end of August, numerous shooting stars showers transform the night sky into a spectacle. But where can you best observe the Perseids in 2023?

Why Saint-Tropez Is Worth a Trip This Summer

The epitome of elegance, taste and French lightness for 70 years, the small port city is the timeless icon among summer hotspots - and a regular meeting place for VIPs.

These Are the Most Stylish Beach Clubs of Fashion Icons

The world's best fashion houses are not only dressing beachgoers this summer, but also the interior of the hottest beach clubs.

Now Is the Time to Travel to the Seychelles

The Seychelles during summer: definitely a good idea! There are many reasons for a summer visit to the island paradise.

Why We are Traveling to Fiji this Summer

Perfect for surfers and sun worshippers, Fiji's 300 islands beckon with green forests, white beaches and turquoise waters on the other side of the world.

At These Festivals, Gourmets Immerse Themselves in the Global World of Culinary Arts

Those seeking enjoyment, have to travel: Every year, numerous festivals around the globe invite visitors to indulge in the world of culinary arts. Gourmets can look forward to countless culinary events where tradition meets innovation.

Why Egypt Is Always Worth a Trip

The country on the Nile has a lot to offer: These are the hottest addresses in Egypt this summer, from eco-lodges in the desert to street food in Cairo.

Are These the Most Legendary Beach Bars in the World?

Relaxed summer vibes, excellent cuisine and a dreamlike backdrop: these beach bars offer the total package!

These Are the Best Addresses in Uruguay

The "Switzerland of South America" scores with incredible landscapes, beautiful beaches, high security and relaxed inhabitants.

Five pink travel destinations: Not just for Barbie fans

The new Barbie movie is already a classic - and it hasn't even hit the big screen yet! Here are some pink destinations now shorten the wait.

Destination Zimbabwe: These Are the Best Addresses

Still largely unknown, Zimbabwe in Southern Africa is full of natural spectacles - it's just perfect for adventurers and animal lovers.

Why Bhutan Is Worth a Trip This Summer

Thanks to its breathtaking natural landscapes and fascinating culture, Bhutan is the new trend destination par excellence. Here are some gems from the "Kingdom of Happiness."

These are the best destinations in July 2023

Hot temperatures, a relaxed lifestyle and exciting nightlife: which destinations offer the total package in July 2023?

The Most Beautiful Places on Lake Como

Lake Como in Lombardy is the perfect blend of luxury, beauty and relaxation. Here, everyone can find their place that suits them the most.

These Are the Most Beautiful Viewpoints in Mallorca

Here, it's best to keep the camera ready - because the most beautiful viewpoints on Mallorca are insta-ready panoramas!

You Shouldn't Miss These Summer Events in the Canary Islands

As if beautiful landscapes, the sea and the Spanish cuisine were not enough, numerous summer events on the Canary Islands are also worth a trip.

Why We Travel to Madeira Now

The flower island in the Atlantic scores on the one hand with breathtakingly beautiful scenery. On the other hand, there are also some unique To Dos that you should not miss.

Are These the Most Beautiful Beaches in Mallorca?

Turquoise waters and powder-sugar white beaches, picturesque bays and rugged cliffs: Mallorca scores with a variety of breathtaking beaches. Here are the most beautiful.

Here are the 5 Safest Travel Destinations in the World

People who travel are looking for beautiful adventures and unforgettable experiences. The latter are guaranteed to be good ones as they are the five safest destinations in 2023.

How Alan Faena is Revolutionizing the Hotel Industry

Describing Alan Faena as a hotelier doesn’t do him justice – real estate developer or visionary would be more appropriate descriptions, but even they fall short. The Argentina native sees himself as an “hacedor” – a creator.

Why Berlin is worth a trip now

Once divided by a wall, Berlin remains a world capital where East meets West, modern meets historic, currywurst meets fine dining and partygoers coexist with the relaxed, open-minded residents of the Kiez, or neighborhood.

Chosen: Here are the 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World!

Whoever thinks of vacation often automatically has the image of a beautiful beach in mind. But which are the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world? This is the World's 50 Best Beaches ranking!

In Europe: The Smallest High Mountain Range in the World Couldn't be More Breathtaking

If you love the mountains, you should visit the High Tatras. The mountain range is located in the middle of Europe and is as astounding as the Alps.

Why Seville Is an Absolute Hotspot This Spring

The city in the south of Spain is a picture-perfect springtime destination

Why a City Trip to Vienna Is Worthwhile Now

The Austrian capital is more and more becoming the place-to-be

Why You Should Plan a Trip to Rome Right Now

The Italian capital always moves between antiquity and modernity

Why Foodies Should Plan a Trip to Lebanon

Lebanon’s cuisine has long been regarded as the most prestigious in the entire Middle East region

The Most Beautiful Areas for a Summer Road Trip

Going on vacation by car? Why not! Especially the warm summer months are perfect for a road trip through dreamlike landscapes.

The 5 Best Instagram Spots in Portugal

Portugal is the land of unique natural wonders, some of which are hidden in the country's breathtaking rock formations. These five Instagram spots are a must-see on your next visit.

These Are the Trendiest Destinations of 2023

The hottest destinations of the year beckon with beaches, culture and will broaden your horizon to boot.

These Are the Best City Breaks This Spring

It's high time to wake up from hibernation – spring beckons in Europe's most diverse cities!

Here are the Best Destinations for June 2023

Plenty of sunshine and bathing temperatures all over Europe - it's hard to choose the best travel destinations in June. But which destinations stand out in particular now, even internationally.

5 Reasons why AlUla is Worth a Trip

Once an oasis and important trading point, AlUla is a real travel tip for Saudi Arabia. Why a trip is worthwhile.

These Superlatives Make Dubai the City of Records!

The emirate holds a few records, including the world's tallest skyscraper. But what else is there only to be found in Dubai?

The 7 Sunniest Places in the World

While Europe is also approaching spring-like weather, the sunniest places in the world can look forward to sunshine galore all year round.

Finland: 10 Highlights of the Happiest Country in the World

Between reindeer, the northern lights and the archipelago: Finland scores with fascinating diversity. Here's why you should be off to the happiest country in the world.

The Most Popular Destinations for Women Traveling Solo in 2023

Traveling alone not only brings you closer to other cultures, but also to yourself. But which destinations are especially popular as destinations for female solo travelers in 2023?

The Most Beautiful Cities in Europe For a City Break in Summer

City instead of beach? Yes! Because a city break in summer combines the advantages of all types of vacation in one destination: sightseeing and beach feeling, culinary and culture, action and relaxation.

Destinations That Should be on Your Bucket List in April

Whether it's over the Easter holidays or just because: these destinations will entice you with the best weather, exciting to-dos and special events in April.

4 Special Hotels in Germany for Easter

Inspiring hotels with a breathtaking natural scenery in spring

The Beauty of Lake Garda in Spring

The lake framed by mountains, Mediterranean atmosphere and almost summer temperatures are not the only good reasons to spend spring on Lake Garda.

The Best Kept Secret of the Cyclades

Naxos, Mykonos and Santorini - A few of the most famous islands of the Cyclades. More unknown, but no less charming, is Tinos with its 50 small villages.

5 cities in Europe for Easter weekend

Easter is just around the corner - but the desire to venture out is greater? These five European cities are perfect for a spontaneous city getaway.

The Top 5 Destinations For an Unforgettable Bachelor Party

One last adventure with the groomsmen to the best Bachelor party destinations: these five cities give reason (and space) to celebrate.

The Best Insider Tips for the Dreamlike Bahamas

The Bahamas are a dreamlike setting not only for James Bond movies. Of the more than 700 islands, only 30 are inhabited, each with its own charm.

The Top 3 Day Trip Destinations Around Berlin

There are numerous destinations around Berlin but these three day trip destinations should be on any bucket list.

The Best Insider Tips for the Beautiful Caribbean Island of Mustique

Princess Margaret enjoyed to retreat to Mustique - apparently, the island was the only place where she was able to relax. Unsurprisingly, Mustique is a private island with gorgeous celebrity villas for rent.

The Best Insider Tips for the Beautiful Caribbean Island of St. Barth

On holiday with celebrities? St. Barth makes it possible - the French-speaking island is also very popular with Hollywood stars such as Leo DiCaprio, Penélope Cruz and Brad Pitt.

Off to Europe: These are the locations from "You

In the third season of the hit series, Joe Goldberg takes his viewers to Europe. Here are the filming locations from "You''.

The Best Insider-Tipps for The Beautiful Caribbean Island of St. Lucia

St. Lucia can be described as the Iceland of the tropics: The Caribbean island has two active volcanoes, with bubbling and steaming sulfur springs surrounding them.. Gorgeous beaches, an impressive bio diversity, and beautiful hiking routes round off the perfect vacation.

7 Reasons Why Veneto Belongs on the Bucket List in the Summer of 2023!

150 kilometers of coastline, ten beaches, and eight destinations have joined forces to form "Venice Sands". The platform explains why Veneto is the place to be in the Summer of 2023.

The Best Insider Tips for Beautiful Jamaica

About three million people live on the lush island. Visitors to the birthplace of reggae can explore the rich culture, as well as dreamy beaches, and mountain landscapes.

The 7 Best Cities for Digital Nomads in 2023

Sunshine, fast internet, and low cost of living: these 7 cities are perfect for digital nomads who want to combine travel and remote work.

The 5 Top Bachelorette Destinations in Europe

Pre marital travels in 2023: These five cities are perfect destinations for a joint Bachelorette trip.

Mood Booster: These 7 Colorful Destinations Will Cheer You Up

Colors have the power to influence moods. Blue has a calming effect, red can be stimulating, and colorful simply makes you happy! So let's put a few particularly colorful destinations on your bucket list!

Healthy Getaway: Vacation in the 5 Blue Zones

The inhabitants of the Blue Zones live longer, healthier and happier lives: We reveal where these unique destinations are located and why travelers can recharge.

These Are The 7 Best Cities for Foodies in Europe

Food is more than just the satisfaction of a need. It's pleasure, a lifestyle, and sometimes even a reason for travel. Thankfully, Europe entices with a number of cities that are made for foodies.

Big Bloom: 10 Places That Are Bursting With Blossoms

From France to Japan, world travelers are immersed in colorful seas of flowers in these places.

Alaaf & Helau: 5 Places for the Perfect Carnival Party in 2023

Springtime is carnival time - parties around the world are offering visitors a lavish celebration. We are showing you the best places to celebrate in costume in 2023.

These 5 eco-hotels delight nature lovers with hands-on experiences

More and more, vacation destinations are proving that luxury and eco-tourism are not mutually exclusive. At these five places, you can vacation with a good conscience.

These Are the 5 Sunniest Winter Destinations in Europe

Sunny destinations are currently high on the bucket list. Fortunately, Europe's sunniest destinations are just a stone's throw away.

The Best Insider Tips for Courchevel

The 2,600 people town in the French Alps is part of the Les Trois Vallées region, the largest ski area in the world. Courchevel is known for its high density of luxury hotels, outstanding gastronomy and a varied ski area. In 2023, the Alpine World Ski Championships will be held here (and in Méribel).

The best insider tips for Lech am Arlberg

In Lech am Arlberg, the diversity in terms of culture and culinary delights is as varied as the slopes. Somehow being up above the clouds always feels immeasurably liberating.

Welcome to Paradise: The most beautiful Caribbean islands

Infinite sandy beaches, turquoise sea, green palm trees - and absolute tranquility: paradise on earth. We present the most beautiful Caribbean islands from St. Barth to St. Lucia to Mustique and reveal where you can stay and feel like James Bond or Princess Margaret.

The Best Insider Tips for Val Gardena

A trip to this magical valley in the Dolomites is a journey back to the olden days. Times seems to stand still in the home of the sculptors: here you spend your days in harmony with nature, enjoy the hearty regional cuisine, meet friendly people - and explore one of the most beautiful ski areas in South Tyrol.

Are these the most underrated destinations in 2023?

Travelers who crave authentic experiences and like peace and relaxation, and are also open to adventure, should put these five destinations on their 2023 bucket list.

The Best Insider Tips for Zermatt

As the highest ski resort in Europe, Zermatt is naturally an El Dorado for winter sports enthusiasts and meeting point for skiing fans from all over the world.

5 Extra Romantic Experiences for Valentine's Day 2023

Love doesn’t need its own day in order to be celebrated. But if a day like that exists, we shouldn’t ignore it! These experiences are guaranteed to enchant your favorite person.

The Best Insider Tips for Kronplatz

One hundred and sixteen kilometers of slopes, 31 lifts and up to seven kilometers of downhill runs are offered by the striking, alpine Kronplatz.

The Best Insider Tips for St. Moritz

In the midst of a dreamlike mountain scenery lies the luxurious alpine resort St. Moritz in the Swiss valley Engadin.

The best insider tips for Kitzbühel

The Kitzbühel mountains and the idyllic Gamsstadt are a dreamlike power spot for young and old from mid-November until after Easter.

These Are the Most Beautiful Natural Pools in the Canary Islands

Thanks to the local climate, the Canary Islands are suitable for a beach vacation all year round. Diving in the many natural pools of the islands is particularly spectacular.

Insider Tip Mongolia: Why the Nomadic Country Is Worth a Trip

For an adventurous escape, head to Mongolia. Visitors in search of excitement will definitely get their money's worth in the last nomadic country.

These Are the Most Popular Ski Hotspots this Season

This season attracts with even more excellent hotels, outstanding restaurants and winter events. We present the eight most popular ski hotspots.

Antarctica Combines Adventure with Luxury and Comfort

Endless distances and an unearthly clear light: In Antarctica, you feel like you're on a foreign planet. Fittingly, the luxury lodges of White Desert look like something out of a sci-fi movie.

These 4 Cities Are Worth a Winter City Trip

We present the most dazzling destinations for a city trip during winter, from vibrant New York to picturesque Salzburg.

Top Reasons to Visit Mallorca in Winter 2023

New Michelin stars, sunshine and beach vibes away from the crowds invite you to take time out on the Balearic Islands.

These Are the Highest Ski Resorts in Europe

Without snow, the most beautiful winter vacation feels more like a summer retreat in the mountains. Fortunately, however, there are numerous places in Europe where snow is guaranteed.

These Are the 5 Safest Destinations of 2023

For particularly carefree travels, we’re headed to these places this year.

Why You Should Add Vilnius to Your Bucket List This Year

The Lithuanian capital celebrates its 700th anniversary this year. But the joyous occasion isn’t the only reason the city is worth a trip.

These Are The Best Ski Resorts in France

Sun-drenched slopes meet the finest cuisine, après-ski and joie de vivre in the snow: these ski resorts in the French Alps are paradise to winter sports enthusiasts.

Ten Things You Should Know About the Maldives

We reveal which animal species are endemic, why the sand doesn’t get hot and what the “forbidden islands” are all about.

These Are the European Capitals of Culture 2023

Next year’s European Capitals of Culture are Timişoara, Romania, Veszprém, Hungary, and Eleusis, Greece. Here’s why each of them is worth a visit.

These Are the Best Places to Ski in Switzerland

Breathtaking views, perfect slopes and après-ski at its best: these ski resorts in Switzerland are well worth a visit.

Why a Trip to the Canary Islands in Winter Is Worth It

We reveal the best reasons to plan a trip to the Spanish islands right now.

Where to Go in January

These destinations around the world beckon with wintery landscapes, vibrant city life and stunning tropical beaches.

Where Was Glass Onion Filmed?

The sequel to the hit Knives Out is already considered one of the best films of the year. These are the locations from Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery with Daniel Craig.

Piedmont Is A Must for Foodies

Besides Barolo, the king of Italian red wines, the Piedmont region shines with several other culinary superlatives.

A Trip To Oman Is A Must

Rugged mountains, crystal-clear sea and green wadis: Oman combines extremely diverse landscapes in a very small area. Despite the rise in tourism, the country still appears pleasantly sleepy.

The Best Insider Tips for São Paulo

Groundbreaking design, modern minimalism and the fabulous cuisine are just a few of the reasons why São Paulo is definitely worth a trip.

A City Trip to São Paulo Is Never a Bad Idea

Brazil's largest city attracts foodies and culture-hungry visitors with its extensive offerings. São Paulo is particularly well suited for a varied city break.

Where Was the Second Season of The White Lotus Filmed?

We might not want to make friends with the characters, but we'd gladly follow in their vacation footsteps.

Healing Powers: These Are The Best Hotsprings In The World

Spectacular hot springs surface from the depths of the earth in many different places: the soothing waters can be found in rainforests as well as in deserts, in the north as well as in the south, in glistening white natural pools as well as in luxurious resort pools. These are the best hotsprings in the world.

The Top Insider Tips for New York & New England

The East Coast of the USA offers picture-perfect locations, enchanting hotels and the charm the change of leaves in autumn. The design of the best hotels in New York and New England is like something out of a movie.

Napa Valley Is Always Worth the Trip

The Californian wine region attracts with fabulous wine, numerous hotspots for gourmets and romantic hotels.

The Most Luxurious Hotels for a Ski Vacation

Luxury on ski vacation thanks to Pistenbutler & Co.: These hotels guarantee an unforgettable stay in the mountains.

Are These the Three Best Destinations for Gourmets?

From Mediterranean Piedmont to luscious South Africa and Napa Valley in sunny California – these are our best travel tips for gourmets.

Where Was Falling for Christmas Filmed?

Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan celebrates her comeback with Falling for Christmas. The picturesque locations at the center the Netflix hit actually exist – and are well worth the trip.

Why It's the Perfect Time to Travel to Malta Right Now

Discover the colorful diversity of the smallest republic in the EU: In the heart of the Mediterranean, joie de vivre meets Oriental flavors against a centuries-old backdrop.

Where to Go in December

While fantastic long-haul destinations invite you to tropical climes, the north is transformed into an enchanting winter wonderland. These are the 10 most beautiful destinations in December.

Why You Should Travel to Cyprus Right Now

Dream beaches as far as the eye can see, numerous archaeological sites and up to 22 degrees in November: Cyprus is one of the best destinations in the Mediterranean Sea.

Why Are Holistic Healing Retreats Booming Right Now?

Well-being can't just be reduced to individual aspects: holistic spa therapies are a surefire way to recharge our batteries – which we need now more than ever.

Why Qatar Is Always Worth a Trip

Architectural wonders, rich culture and gorgeous coastlines – Qatar is always worth a trip!

Celebrity chef Shipra Khanna reveals her Delhi hotspots

The charming restaurateur appreciates the Indian capital for its good food and many cultural highlights. In our interview, Shipra Khanna reveals her favorite places in Delhi.

The 5 Most Stunning Destinations in the Arabian Peninsula

The Arabian Peninsula is all about superlatives and contrasts. These are the must-see destinations in the magical Orient.

10 Mystical Places That Are Worth the Trip

Legendary roads in Northern Ireland, abandoned kingdoms in Myanmar and enigmatic stone heads in the South Seas: these destinations are worth a trip this fall.

Vibrant Cities for a Fall Getaway: Delhi

India's capital city has a reputation for being one big mess. That may be true, but nowhere does chaos function as smoothly – and poetically – as in Delhi, which also boasts amazingly quiet, green and, above all, luxurious areas.

Why You Should Plan a Trip to Mauritius Right Now

Mauritius captivates with diversity: dream beaches and fantastic diving spots as well as deep green tropical forests and religious sites await. These spots should definitely be on your list.

Fall Foliage Frenzy on a Roadtrip From New England to New York City

When summer ends and Mother Nature puts on her most beautiful dress, the season of fall foliage has begun on the U.S. East Coast.

How Sue Glasscock Revolutionized Retreats with The Ranch

The Ranch Malibu is one of the most famous retreats in the world. In our interview, founder Sue Glasscock reveals the ingenuity behind its fitness and wellness concept that stars and other A-listers love so much, and gives a preview of what's to come in 2023.

Autumn in Franconia: Delights for Wine and Nature Lovers

Picturesque vineyards, charming little towns and expansive nature parks: if you're looking for an ideal autumn getaway, Franconia is just the place for you.

Vibrant Cities for a Fall Getaway: Los Angeles

The city of angels – and millionaires: Los Angeles walks (or rather drives) on the sunny side of life – such as Venice Beach, where you'll find tanned surfers and plenty of foodie hotspots that boast tons of healthy options. L.A. is more than a city, it's a way of life.

Lost Luggage: What happens to the lost suitcase

Going once, going twice, sold: Suitcases that are lost during a flight don't end up on the baggage carousel – but under the hammer.

The 4 Most Vibrant City Breaks This Fall

Adventure, nightlife and glamour: this fall we experience the pulse of pulsating metropolises, from L.A. to Delhi to Seoul.

Are These the Best Spa Resorts in the Maldives?

The Signature Collection and Hideaway Beach offer outstanding luxury in the island paradise of the Maldives.

Extremadura: Our Favorite Region in the South of Spain

Mountains, forests, lakes and nature reserves, diverse culture and authentic experiences off the beaten track promise an unforgettable stay.

Travel Tip Porvoo: 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit the City in Finland

Everyone knows Helsinki, cruise enthusiasts have probably heard of Turku and Rovaniemi is popular with Christmas lovers. Porvoo, on the other hand, is still rather unknown – but that's exactly why you should put it on your bucket list.

Where Was Netflix's "The Empress" Filmed?

The new Netflix show about Empress Elisabeth is currently conquering the streaming platform. However, it was not filmed in Vienna, but in a neighboring country of Austria.

5 Cities That Make a Stopover Worth Your While

If you want to go to the other side of the world, a stopover is often unavoidable. So why not use the time for a little adventure in between?

Where to Go in November

As the year draws to a close, the high season for long-distance travel begins. But there's plenty to do and see in Europe as well. Here are the 10 best travel destinations in November.

Fall Break: What to Expect If You Plan On Traveling

Land and air traffic is a lot busier than usual when schools go on fall break. We reveal what travelers can expect at airports and on highways and how to best react when faced with heavy traffic.

The 5 Most Extraordinary Activities in the Water

Swimming, surfing, scuba diving and stand-up paddling are so yesterday – these water-based activities should definitely be on your bucket list.

Serene Waters: Lac d'Annecy

The French lake once made romance movie history, today it attracts adrenaline junkies and nature lovers to its shores, while those who seek recreation enjoy the calming waters of Lac d'Annecy.

Traveling for Truffles: 5 Foodie Hotspots This Fall

They might not necessarily look appealing, but they taste all the better: fall has officially begun and fresh truffles are in season again. These are the 5 top truffle hotspots this season.

The Places to Be on Lake Wolfgang

Even Emperor Franz Joseph I preferred the idyllic lake region for a relaxing getaway. Today, visitors still come here to enjoy traditional pleasures and recharge their batteries in the Salzkammergut. These are the places to be at Lake Wolfgang.

Off to Rhodes: Where to Go and What to Do on the Dreamy Greek Island

Thousands of years of history, numerous dream beaches, crystal clear waters and up to 3,000 hours of sunshine per year: Rhodes beckons with blissful vacations all the way through October. These are the absolute highlights on the island in the east of the Aegean Sea.

The Places to Be on Lake Tegernsee

The Bavarian lake is a popular celebrity hotspot, and for good reason: visitors can look forward to chic modern hotels and hearty culinary delights all year round. These are the places to be on Lake Tegernsee.

These are the 7 most popular sights in the world

We've all seen countless pictures of these world-famous sights. But are they really worth a trip?

Serene Waters: Lake Wolfgang

Royal pleasure awaits at this Austrian lake, where the spirit of the monarchy wafts across the water, and artefacts from the past slumber beneath the surface, waiting to be rediscovered.

The 5 Most Instagrammable Beaches in the Canaries

The archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa beckons with lots of diversity and warm temperatures, even in the fall. Don't miss out on these stunning beaches.

Serene Waters: Tegernsee

Around the German lake with the highest ratio of celebrities, rustic Bavarian traditions are upheld in the many beer gardens and inns. In recent years, beach clubs and upmarket dining have also added international flair to the shores of this lovely Bavarian lake.

Solo Travel: These Are the 10 Safest Countries in Europe

Traveling alone is becoming increasingly popular. A new study by the company Bounce reveals where solo travel is safest, especially for female-identifying people. Remarkably, the 10 safest countries in Europe also occupy the top spots globally.

The best addresses on Lake Lucerne

The lake in central Switzerland is not only beautiful to look at, it also has a lot to offer: steamboat rides, water sports and idyllic small towns await on its shores. Here's where to stay and what to do on Lake Lucerne.

Where to go in October: these are the best destinations

Fall foliage, city breaks or sunshine by the sea? We present our top 10 destinations in October.

Serene Waters: Lake Lucerne

Less like a lake and more like a Norwegian fjord, this body of water cuts through the Alpine foothills surrounding Lucerne in Switzerland. Contrary to expectations, it’s also quite Mediterranean in nature, with palm trees, almond trees and banana plants growing along its shores.

Where to Go Sailing This Fall: Our 5 Favorite Spots

If you're in the mood to set sail this fall and enjoy the seas now that busy season is over, you should keep an eye on these five destinations.

Into the Dolomites: Nicho De Biasio Reveals His Favorite Spots

Photographer and content creator Nicho De Biasio knows the breathtaking Dolomites like the back of his hand. In an interview with Falstaff TRAVEL, the South Tyrolean reveals which hotels and spas are on his hot list.

Cornwall Bucket List: 10 Unforgettable Experiences on the English Coast

From wild moorlands to miles of sandy beaches, and rugged cliffs to idyllic haven towns: the county at the southwestern tip of England scores with exquisite beauty. Here's what shouldn't be missing from your Cornwall bucket list.

Back to Westeros: The filming locations from House of the Dragon

The highly anticipated prequel to Game of Thrones, detailing the downfall of the Targaryen dynasty, is finally here. For the filming of House of the Dragon, the crew chose new as well as some familiar locations in Iceland, Spain, Portugal and England.

Beach Bliss: The 10 most beautiful beaches in Cornwall

The picture-perfect county in southwest England is known for its gorgeous sandy beaches, dramatic green cliffs, and numerous charming seaside resorts nestled between rocks and sprawling dunes. We present the 10 most beautiful beaches in Cornwall.

Our Summer Hotspot Cornwall

A dramatic coastline, miles of the loveliest beaches and landscapes that are steeped in legend: Cornwall is a fabulous destination with an unrivalled magical appeal. Life in the southwestern tip of England dances to a more leisurely beat than elsewhere – it’s the place to enjoy walks in lush gardens and soak up the captivating charm of quaint villages.

The 10 sunniest cities in Europe for a Fall City Break

Sunshine is an important source for vitamin D, and thus vital to our physical and mental well-being. As summer nears its end, we're naturally planning our fall getaways to sunnier cities. Here are the best destinations in Europe to escape the fog ahead.

The Places to Be on Lake Como

There's a reason the glitterati are flocking to Lake Como year after year: life is especially sweet amid Italian elegance and historical beauty. We present the places to be on Lake Como.

Beauty and the Beach: 7 stunning beaches in the Algarve

Fine sands, bizarre rock formations and tunnels, clear waters and underwater caves: the beaches in the Algarve are real natural beauties.

Serene Waters: Lake Como

Like pearls on a string, dreamlike 15th-century villas line the shores of this lake in Northern Italy, where Verdi composed La Traviata, and many other cultural masterpieces came to life. In between, numerous picturesque villages dazzle visitors with their incomparable charm to this day.

Algarve Bucket List: 10 Things You Shouldn't Miss in the South of Portugal

Known for its fine sandy beaches, the southernmost region in Portugal attracts sun-seekers and surfers, but there's so much more to the Algarve than just a trip to the beach.

Where to go in September: these are the best destinations

Take advantage of the pleasant temperatures for extensive city trips or extend your summer in exotic places. These 10 destinations make our vacation dreams come true in September.

Our Summer Hotspot Algarve

The southernmost region of Portugal is famous for its breathtaking beaches on the Atlantic. From endless expanses of fine sandy beaches to stunning secret bays that make for incredible Instagram-worthy moments, the Algarve is the ideal destination for experiencing summer at its most picturesque.

Serene Waters: The most beautiful lakes of the summer

The soothing sound of wavelets lapping, the steady rhythm of the breeze on the water’s surface, the beckoning beauty of the blue depths: it is impossible to sit by a lake and not surrender to the sense of all-encompassing tranquility. We recommend some of the loveliest lakes in Europe.

Life's a Beach: 7 gorgeous beaches in Dalmatia

From golden horns and hidden caves to fine sandy beaches: Croatia, and especially the region of Dalmatia, is known as a true beach paradise. We reveal where you should lay down your towel this summer.

Dalmatia Bucket List: 10 Things You Shouldn't Miss in the South of Croatia

The sunny region between Zadar and Dubrovnik has a number of special places. From excursions to sparkling green lakes and UNESCO World Heritage Sites to distant planets and foreign worlds, you won't be disappointed.

The Great Migration: A Walk on the Wild Side

When about 1.5 million wildebeest and 250,000 zebras plunge fearlessly into the swiftly flowing current, one of the most spectacular phenomena of the animal kingdom reaches its climax: witnessing the Great Migration is an unforgettable experience. As is a stay at a luxurious safari camp.

Summer Hotspot: Dalmatia

Whether you want to escape for a long weekend or stay for several weeks – the south of Croatia is the perfect location for a summer getaway. Hidden bays, deserted islands and superb wine tempt faithful visitors to come back again and again. Which is hardly unexpected, given that the Dalmatian coast is a treasure trove full of surprises.

The 5 most impressive mountain biking trails

Mountain biking can be an uphill struggle, but the downhill adrenaline rush makes it all worthwhile. A great way to get off the beaten track. We present the most impressive mountain biking trails of the summer. Plus: our favorite e-bikes.

The 5 most spectacular golf courses in the mountains

A lively debate still wages about where golf was originally invented – but most can agree that the beautiful game is even better when played in the mountains.

To the Beach: These are the 5 most beautiful beaches in Menorca

Sleepy Menorca attracts sun worshippers with dreamy beaches and crystal clear water – from chilling on golden sands under pine trees to being nestled between imposing cliffs, perfect beach days await you on the Balearic island.

Menorca Bucketlist – 7 Things You Must Experience On the Smaller Balearic Island

As small as the island may be, it boasts a whole lot of variety. Our Menorca bucket list is chockfull with style and tradition as well as culture, nature and cuisine.

Summer Hotspot: Menorca

Our summer hotspot Menorca may be smaller than Mallorca and the quietest of the Balearic Islands, but it still has a huge range of exciting activities and wonderful places that guarantee an unforgettable time.

Five reasons why you should go to Mykonos right now

The beautiful Cycladic island with its windmills and gleaming white houses is so much more than just a party destination. Here's why you should plan a trip immediately.

The 5 most impressive hiking routes this summer

For a long time, hiking was considered a hobby for seniors. But that perception has shifted fundamentally: from pleasure hikes to climbing trips – marching through nature has become an undeniable trend. We present the most impressive hiking routes of the summer.

Milos Bucketlist: 10 Things You Must Experience on the Greek Island

Azure waters, colorful villages, idyllic beaches: the Cycladic island beckons with extraordinary beauty. But there's much more to discover.

Summer Hotspot: Milos

The world-famous Venus de Milo's place of origin is still a well-kept secret – but soon before long, the small Cycladic island with its colorful villages, an inactive volcano and unspeakably beautiful beaches will be Greece's next trend destination.

Where to go in August: these are the best destinations

From Miami to Toronto, Bordeaux to Cape Town, Okinawa to Bali: these are our top 10 destinations for August 2022.

Summer in the mountains: the best activities for active travelers

With temperatures like these, the mountains are calling more than ever. While bustling crowds fill the beaches, people enjoy fresh air, chill vibes and an adrenaline rush in lofty heights.

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Puglia

Fine sandy beaches and imposing bays, towering cliffs and azure blue waters: Puglia offers a variety of bathing opportunities that will make travelers' hearts beat faster.

Puglia Bucket list: 10 things to do in the Southern Italian region

Miles and miles of beaches, charming old towns, wildly beautiful nature and so much more: Puglia is one our summer hotspots for a reason. We reveal 10 things that absolutely have to be on your bucket list!

Summer Hotspot Puglia

The heel of the boot delights with unspoiled nature, whitewashed houses and warm hospitality. Puglia is undoubtedly Italy's next trend destination.

Sea, Sand & Sun: The 6 Hottest Destinations This Summer

Steep cliffs, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters – it's time for your summer vacation! We reveal the best hotspots of the year, the most up-and-coming destinations and unexpected insider tips for a dreamy getaway on the coast.

The World's Best Beach Clubs

The irresistible mix of colours – azure blue seas, shiny white sands and luscious green palm trees – is topped off by excellent culinary art, refreshing drinks and great music. We present the hottest beach clubs of the season between Mauritius, Spain and the Caribbean.

Insider tips for Mallorca: 9 questions for Michelin boss Santi Taura

The Balearic island is always in high demand – this summer is no exception! Star chef Santi Taura reveals his best insider tips for Mallorca: these are his favorite places to eat, sleep and relax.

The 7 most beautiful beaches in Ibiza

From the party beach, where sun-kissed people let the champagne flutes sound, to the wildly beautiful, lonely bay: Ibiza attracts with a variety of multifaceted beaches and bays. These 7 should not be missing on any beach bucket list!

Ibiza Bucketlist: 10 things to do on the Balearic island

The Mediterranean island is known for its parties and beach clubs - but it can do so much more. These Ibiza bucket list ideas are guaranteed to make your summer unforgettable.

Are these the 10 most beautiful beaches in the summer of 2022?

Europe beckons with an incredible number of beautiful vacation destinations. But which of them will score with the best beaches in the summer of 2022?

A Unique Getaway to the Maldives

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect vacation. Whatever comes to your mind - the Maldives offer even more dreamlike experiences.

Porto Bucketlist: 15 Things You Shouldn't Miss on a Visit

The coastal city in northwest Portugal is considered the country's secret capital. No wonder, the city scores with top hotels, culinary highlights and cool sights.

#ItsMoreFunWithYou: Surfing and hiking in the natural paradise of the Philippines

With the #ItsMoreFunWithYou campaign, the Philippines welcomes travelers from all countries to its wildly beautiful nature. Fully vaccinated travellers do not need to be quarantined or tested upon arrival.

Best of Zanzibar: The best hotels, restaurants and souvenirs

One comes to Zanzibar above all because of the dreamy beaches. The semi-autonomous state of Tanzania is still a place of longing for many travellers. Falstaff TRAVEL informs you about the highlights of Zanzibar.

Finally long distance travel again - Zanzibar

The kingdom of spices is strongly influenced by Arab culture and is a natural paradise with endless beaches and crystal blue waters. Highlights include visiting ancient turtles or seeing the babies hatch and throw themselves into the waves.

Best of Costa Rica: the best hotels, restaurants and souvenirs

Costa Rica! The green paradise is becoming increasingly popular as a vacation destination. Falstaff TRAVEL presents the most beautiful beach, the best hotels and outstanding gourmet tips.

Finally long-distance travel again: Costa Rica

From pumas and howler monkeys in the nature park to sloths on the trees on the side of the road, you'll find it all here. Costa Rica is a safe destination that prides itself on its biodiversity. However, this family-friendly green paradise is also highly rated by surfers and luxury wellness guests.

Best of Japan: The best hotels, restaurants and souvenirs

Japan combines modern and traditional diversity like no other country: Falstaff TRAVEL presents the top addresses in Tokyo, Kyoto and the surrounding area.

Finally, long-distance travel again: Japan

A country that could not be more diverse: futuristic skyscrapers stand next to blooming cherry trees, Tokyo is a cool megacity; Kyoto takes you back to Japan's royal past. Or you can relax on the beach of Fukuoka.

Finally, long-distance travel again: Mexico

The Latin American state offers a pulsating capital, dream beaches where you can party, but also tranquillity in nature - and last but not least, the impressive temple complexes of the Aztecs and Maya. No question, Mexico is a country of contrasts.

Best of Mexico: The best hotels, restaurants and souvenirs

Paradisiacal sandy beaches, historic cities and excellent cuisine make this trip a very special experience: The Falstaff TRAVEL Guide with the top addresses in Mexico.

South Tyrol Special: Wipp Valley & Eisack Valley

The regions of Wipptal and Eisacktal present themselves as if painted by a master: untouched alpine pastures, picturesque wooden huts and breathtaking mountain scenery await visitors. In addition, there are dreamlike hideaways for those seeking relaxation and urban flair in the two "capitals".

South Tyrol Special: Pustertal & Salten-Schlern

Rugged peaks, picturesque lakes and almost endless possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts: between the Pustertal and Salten-Schlern valleys beats the heart of the Dolomites - where brilliant highlights await nature enthusiasts and travel influencers.

South Tyrol Special: Überetsch Unterland

In the famous wine-growing region around Lake Kaltern you can experience and enjoy wine, feel alpine traditions and Mediterranean lifestyle, do sports and relax - where the heart beats so for wine and culture, there is enough space for idleness and leisurely walks.

South Tyrol Special: Vinschgau

The west of South Tyrol is full of contrasts - palm trees and glaciers, marble and apricots, daring bike trails and cozy Waalwege want to be experienced with all senses. Insta-spot number one is a church tower in the crystal-clear water, next to which colourful kites often fly by.

South Tyrol Special: Burgraviate

A sea of light pink spreads out in spring when the many apple trees in Burgraviato are in lush bloom. While nature unfolds its full splendour, in and around Merano it's all about enjoyment, culture and the perfect union of Alpine and Italian lifestyle.

South Tyrol Special: Bolzano

An aperitivo accompanied by traditional nibbles in the early evening is part of the tradition south of the Brenner Pass. And where better to enjoy it than at sunset in the medieval city centre of Bolzano? This is how to relax after a day at the gateway to the Dolomites.

Capri Bucketlist: 9 things to do on the island

The picturesque island in the Bay of Naples scores not only with beautiful views but also has a lot to offer.

Best of Vietnam: The best hotels, restaurants and souvenirs

The Southeast Asian country has more to offer than you could see and experience in a lifetime. However, these highlights in Vietnam should not be missed.

South Tyrol Special – The Most Beautiful Destinations

Gorgeous mountain backdrops, 300 days of sunshine a year, and a vibrant arts and culture scene: Italy's northernmost region attracts luxury vacationers, sports enthusiasts, and travel influencers alike. A guide to the most beautiful hotels, the best restaurants and the most important sights.

Finally, long-distance travel again: Vietnam

The Southeast Asian country convinces with its original culture, but also impressive nature. The Mekong Delta is a huge labyrinth of rivers, swamps and islands. Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, on the other hand, are vibrant metropolises that nevertheless breathe history at every turn - and there are also paradisiacal beaches.

Beach time: the most beautiful beaches near Venice

From the classic, Lido di Venezia, to the pristine Cavallino - just a short drive from Venice, numerous beautiful beaches invite you to enjoy a beach day.

Finally, long-distance travel again: The top 5 destinations for this summer

"The further I travel, the closer I get to myself," US actor Andrew McCarthy once said. Enough distance - and an exclusive as well as a breathtaking backdrop for self-discovery - is offered on the private beach of the Cuixmala resort on Mexico's Pacific coast.

Venice Bucket List: 7 things not to miss

Not only the lagoon city itself has a lot to offer - but there is also a lot to experience around La Serenissima. The best destinations and activities in and around Venice at a glance.

Beach, please! The 5 most beautiful beaches near Athens for sun lovers

If you think that the city on the Saronic Gulf is only a perfect destination for those interested in culture, you're wrong - because Athens lures you with numerous dream beaches in the immediate vicinity.

A Weekend In: The 7 top destinations for your next short trip

Soak up the sun, open your eyes, expand your mind: Enchanting places such as the historic lagoon city of Venice, colorful Marrakech or the exciting desert city of Dubai are the perfect backdrops to say "Goodbye!" to everyday life.

Art, culture and clothes: what you should do in Milan

As the creative centre of Italy, Milan practically bubbles with inspiring activities. Groundbreaking architecture, breathtaking art and fabulous fashion make the city a cultural highlight like no other. Here are the best things to do in Milan - from sightseeing to museum visits to shopping, you're guaranteed not to get bored.

Camera Ready: The most beautiful spots on Madeira

Madeira regularly amazes visitors with its picturesque landscapes, villages and gardens. If you're looking for Instagram worthy shots, don't miss the island's most beautiful spots.

Between volcanic sand and lava pools: The 7 most beautiful beaches in Madeira

The Portuguese volcanic island of Madeira is also great for swimming: spectacular black pebble beaches, lava pools and even light sand beaches hide around the island's rugged cliffs.

Don't miss it: What you should definitely experience in Madeira

Madeira, the island of eternal spring, attracts with a wonderful climate and numerous unique activities. What must be on the bucket list for an unforgettable stay:

Best of Provence: The most beautiful villas and best souvenirs of the region

Provence, a place of longing. These villas between lavender fields, olive groves and the Mediterranean coast now enchant us. Plus: the most beautiful souvenirs from the southern French region.

Vive la Provence

Rolling hills dotted with olive groves, vineyards, pine forests and picturesque lavender fields, idyllic villages and plenty of sunshine on the Mediterranean Sea: the beauty of this region in southeastern France captivates visitors and never lets them go.

The Most Beautiful Places in Croatia

The land of a thousand islands is the destination of numerous travellers from near and far every year: In addition to impressive nature reserves, dreamy beaches and secret bays, Croatia's cities also attract visitors with their culture, cuisine and cosmopolitanism.

Vienna Insider Alexander Lahmer: The best tips from the Rosewood Vienna Director

In a few weeks, the luxury hotel brand Rosewood will open its fifth hotel in Europe with its branch in Vienna. In time for the Austrian premiere, Managing Director Alexander Lahmer reveals what makes a good hotel - and what Vienna tips he has in store.

Bella Italia: The 5 best road trips through Italy

Not for nothing is Italy called "Bel Paese" - the beautiful country. Wonderful landscapes, cities steeped in history, probably the best food in the world: on these road trips through Italy you get to know the country in the best way.

Five reasons to love Baden-Baden

Here, the Mediterranean spa town meets the wild Black Forest, Belle Époque meets modern lifestyle, and Baden wine meets haute cuisine: Baden-Baden is a true insider tip for all those who don't want either/or.

From Milos to Mykonos: Which Cyclades island is the right one for me?

Santorini, Mykonos - or rather Milos? The Cyclades are not only beautiful, but also extremely diverse. With our little guide, you're sure to land on the right island this summer.

Maldives: These are the most popular dive spots

Diving in the Maldives: The tropical island chain attracts with its pleasantly warm, crystal clear waters and the colorful and diverse underwater world. A dream for divers - especially at these five dive spots.

Ask a Local: The Top Spots for Istanbul by JOALI Founder Argat

Esin Güral Argat, successful businesswoman and hotelier, reveals her insider tips for food, bars and must-sees in Istanbul.

Traveler's Guide: Portugal's Island Paradise

No matter what time of year, the islands of Portugal are true destinations of longing. This applies to the small islands directly on the coast as well as to Madeira or the Azores - dream places in the Atlantic that are more than worth a visit.

Hidden champion Lanzarote? A guide to the Canary Islands

Probably nowhere else in Europe do fire, water, earth and air collide more intensively than on Lanzarote. The extremes attract thousands of visitors every year. A guide to the hotspots.

The 10 most beautiful cities in spring

A city trip in the spring is a great way to get away from it all. A study reveals the best places to go.

The 5 best Greek islands for families

Kaliméra, Greece! Not only do parents dream of paradisiacal beaches, crystal clear water and the best cuisine. For children, too, the islands are a place of longing - full of adventure and unforgettable memories. Which islands are particularly suitable for family vacations and why, we reveal here.

Sea and the City: 10 of the coolest European cities by the sea

Summer is just around the corner, but not everyone wants to miss out on trendy restaurants, cool bars and shopping during their beach vacation. And you don't have to. After all, there are plenty of cities by the sea that offer sunny relaxation and hot adventures.

Ask a Local: Nini Andrade Silva's Tips for Madeira

Wonderful hotels, chic bars, shopping and relaxation: the multi-award-winning interior designer reveals the best tips for Madeira, her home island.

Celebrity Vacay: The stars are headed to these 7 destinations in 2022

Because they know what they're doing - when it comes to dream vacations: the celebrities and stars of this world travel to the most beautiful destinations every year. Whether Bahamas, Brazil or Mexico, these 7 most beautiful destinations of these celebrities are must-visits in 2022.

Malta: dream destination and gourmet secret tip

The island paradise in the Mediterranean scores not only with endless beaches and hundreds of hours of sunshine - new star and gourmet restaurants testify to moments of pleasure at the highest level.

A weekend in Amsterdam: 3 perfect days in the city of sin

It's not just tulip and cheese lovers who get their money's worth in the Dutch capital. The destination on the waterfront is endlessly charming and extremely cosmopolitan. The perfect place for a weekend full of variety.

Pod Travel: 5 great destinations for a Vacay with friends

Not alone, but with our favorite people: In 2022, we'll pack our best friends into the Travel Pod and set off on a journey together in a small group. An experience - for sure.

Weekend trip Marbella: along the coast of the sun

Malaga ice cream, James Bond and moments of happiness. My adventure in Marbella, where the sunny hours are long and the summer seems to last forever. The Costa del Sol in southern Spain has a few surprises in store.

Are these the 5 trendiest design hotels in Ibiza?

Luxurious and quite chic, these five design hotels in Ibiza top our list of the Balearic island's trendiest hotels for summer 2022.

Top Ranking 2022: These are the best countries for retirement

To live as well and comfortably as possible from the fruits of years of labor, ideally in a beautiful place somewhere in the world. Who does not dream of this? Where this can be done.

On the trail of Anna Delvey: The most glamorous filming locations from "Inventing Anna"

From New York City to Marrakesh, con artist Anna Delvey has traveled the world at the expense of others. These are the most glamorous locations of the biographical Netflix series Inventing Anna.

So cool: These are the latest hotspots in Israel

Now that the country has opened its borders to all travelers - regardless of their vaccination status - it's time to take a closer look at the latest hotspots in Israel.

Once in a Lifetime: How discerning travelers travel

If you think you've been everywhere and are no longer easily impressed, you might want to look not for new destinations but for new ways to travel. Four suggestions for once-in-a-lifetime trips.

Beach Please: 5 of the most beautiful beaches in Europe

You don't always have to travel halfway around the world to sunbathe on gorgeous beaches. Even in Europe there are some beautiful places to enjoy the summer to the fullest.

Island paradise Europe: These 7 islands are still real insider tips

It doesn't always have to be Capri, Mallorca or Tenerife: These seven islands in Europe - from the Baltic to the Mediterranean - are still real insider tips and just as beautiful as their often overcrowded neighboring islands.

10 Questions for Christl Clear: About Private Pools, Margaritas and Africa

The author and influencer reveals her vacation highlights, which places are on her travel bucket list and what she thinks of the staycation trend.

Mediterranean pleasure trip along the South Tyrolean Wine Road

Enjoy the spring awakening of nature in the largest wine-growing area in South Tyrol and immerse yourself in wine culture.

Spectacular: Are these the 12 most unusual Instagram hotspots in the world?

If you're looking for stunning Instagram hotspots, you should definitely put these destinations on your bucket list.

These are the 12 best destinations in March

City trips with spring-like temperatures, vacation under palm trees or once again off to the slopes? These are the best travel destinations in March.

Aspen Snow Beach: Is this the coolest beach club ever?

Aspen - known among other things for its wonderful opportunity for sun skiing - has come up with something special this winter. Because in collaboration with photographer Gray Malin, perhaps the coolest beach club in the world was created.

Ask a Local: Pauline Rocha's Favorite Spots in Paris

Rooftops, cocktails and fine dining: French perfumer Pauline Rochas reveals very personal insider tips and hotspots in her hometown Paris.

The Most Beautiful Spots in the Provence

The south of France is characterized by its incredible diversity. From the Côte d'Azur up to the French Pre-Alps, you'll encounter vast lavender fields and steep rocky gorges, picturesque mountain villages and chic coastal towns in Provence. These are the places you must see.

So close to relaxation: 10 natural hot springs in Europe

From Spain to Hungary, Italy to Albania: Pure relaxation awaits us at these healing springs in Europe! Popular classics are included in our top 10 list as well as hot insider tips in the wilderness. So: just dive in ...

On the road with Lena Terlutter: These are the favorite spots of the entrepreneur and mom of 4

Store owner, model, stylist, author, mom of four kids and influencer: the multi-talented Lena Terlutter is taking the world by storm. She reveals her favorite spots, best tips and what else is on her bucket list.

5 Secret Ski Spots for the Winter Bucket List

Kitzbühel, Zermatt and Aspen are classics - but now we're drawn to new climes: these 5 places away from the usual hotspots are hot insider tips for your next ski trip.

Why a trip to Japan is worthwhile now

Something is blooming here - in the truest and most beautiful sense of the word: In spring, Japan beckons with its famous cherry blossoms. In these 10 places, from south to north, travelers can experience the natural spectacle in all its glory.

Hotspot Dubai: 7 reasons why the emirates are so unique

In the last two months, the Emirates welcomed 7.28 million international overnight visitors. Why the hotspot Dubai should definitely be on your bucket list.

10 Questions for ... Bali Insider Hank Ge

Trendy restaurateur, globetrotter and entrepreneur Hank Ge reveals his best insider tips for Bali to Falstaff Travel.

Insider tips for series fans: These are the 10 most beautiful filming locations

From the lush green hills of the Scottish Highlands to the turquoise blue shores of Malta, anyone who visits the filming locations of "Outlander," "Game Of Thrones" or "Vikings" will be rewarded with TV nostalgia, breathtaking landscapes and unique architecture.

Top Secret Travel Tip 2022: magical Jordan

In 2022, we will travel to a kingdom: Beyond the Jordan River, a true jewel of the Middle East awaits globetrotters! Here are some interesting facts about the country on the Dead Sea, luxurious hotels and 7 great travel tips for Jordan.

Méribel: The place to ski for sun lovers

Fresh snow glistening in the sun even in March, 150 kilometers of slopes, 9 hectares of night skiing area, plus chic chalets and wonderful restaurants: skiing in Méribel is an experience even in spring.

Mallorca in spring: the almond blossom hotspot

The almond blossom on Mallorca is an enchanting natural spectacle that transforms the island into a sea of blossoms every spring. This is the ultimate guide for the best photo spots, restaurants, stores and hotels on the Balearic island.

The Spanish islands in spring: a dream for sun worshippers

Warm sun rays on your skin, deserted beaches and cool restaurants are just a few of the reasons why the Spanish islands should be on your bucket list this spring.

Romantic City Getaways for Valentine's Day 2022

Valentine's Day 2022 is the perfect occasion for a city trip for two. Fortunately, some European cities attract with particularly romantic ambience, top hotels and wonderful restaurants.

Best of Tulum: The hotspots of the dream destination

Caribbean lifestyle, sun, beach and crystal clear water: Tulum is the beach destination par excellence. But the town on the Riviera Maya also scores points in terms of culture and cuisine. These are the best tips for Tulum.

Best of Outdoor Natural Hot Springs

Few natural phenomena are as relaxing and impressive at the same time: If hot springs are not robbed of their originality, one can hope for special experiences in them - positive health aspects included.

Best of "Gamsstadt"! Our tips for Kitzbühel

The "Gamsstadt" Kitzbühel is one of the most exclusive winter sports resorts in the Alps - and a charming small town where you can walk in the footsteps of skiing legends and enjoy luxury shopping. The sporting and social highlight is the Hahnenkamm Race, which takes place from January 21 to 23!

Enjoy with all senses: Spain and its bodegas

In addition to beaches and the sea, Spain also offers numerous attractions in the inland of the country. Modern bodegas that combine wine enjoyment with design offer a unique insight into the country's wine culture.

Take a break: The 5 most beautiful destinations to detox in the desert

Nothing and no one disturbs this silence. Everyday life is far away. Stress is a foreign word. Above you: millions of stars. Around you: sand. And inside you: peace. Detox in the desert, a special way to switch off.

Where to go in February? These are the 5 best destinations for a trip

In this country, gray drizzly weather, no holiday in sight, the sun does not show up either. There's only one thing that helps: a change of scenery. But where to go in February?

Best of Sri Lanka

A tropical jewel in the middle of the Indian Ocean: The island of Sri Lanka is a paradisiacal place that beckons with unspoiledness and authenticity. Many come for the endless palm-fringed beaches, others to enjoy culture and cuisine or to experience an Ayurvedic treatment. Few come to go bird watching - an oversight.

Best of Mauritius

Rum and tea, coconut palms and Creole cuisine, history and golf, relaxed barefoot luxury and breathtaking nature: Mauritius is a pearl in the Indian Ocean that shimmers in the most diverse facets and never loses its magic. Especially because there is always something new to discover here.

Best Of Maldives

Almost 1200 islands, one more beautiful than the other. No other place comes as close to the ultimate vacation as the island nation of the Maldives, located southwest of India in the Indian Ocean. However, visitors have a luxury problem: the agony of choice.

The best destinations for 2022: 5 tips for the bucket list

2021 is coming to a close. This is the best time to start thinking about next year's holiday plans. But what are the best travel destinations for 2022? Here are a few tips for your bucket list.

Top: These are the 10 best ski resorts in Europe this winter

Endless downhill runs, modern lifts, deep powder snow slopes and stylish hotels distinguish these regions as the best ski resorts in Europe.

Where to go in January? These are the 5 best destinations for a trip at the beginning of the year

The holiday high is over, the winter depression is real: the only thing that helps is a vacation! But where to go in January? These are the best destinations for a trip at the beginning of the year.

Bluebird Backcountry Colorado: the ski resort without lifts

The US state of Colorado is home to the first ski resort without lifts in the USA. Sounds exhausting? In reality it's cool, sustainable and popular.

The most charming small towns in Europe

It doesn't always have to be a metropolis: These paradisiacal small towns guarantee wonderful holiday memories.

Natural beauty in the middle of the sea: these islands should be on every bucket list

Ready for island life! By boat or plane you'll quickly and comfortably be on your next dream trip.

The 5 most beautiful running tracks in the world

On these five extraordinary running routes, everyday jogging becomes an experience - a must for all enthusiastic runners.

These are the top five sights in Canada

Imposing natural spectacles and untouched wilderness: Canada provides us with impressive travel moments.

Attention, wanderlust! These places are among the most beautiful in the world

There are places and landscapes in the world that simply amaze you. These are the dream places you definitely should have seen.

5 reasons why Ireland should be on every bucket list

Unspoilt nature and extremely warm hospitality await tourists from all over the world in Ireland. Definitely worth a trip!

The 6 most beautiful sights on Costa Rica

As the pearl of Central America, Costa Rica attracts with parks, lagoons, paradisiacal beaches, but also cities full of history and folklore.

Responsible, local, authentic: the new vision of travel

If you want to travel more responsibly and escape the hustle and bustle, take a look at the undiscovered regions of the following continents.

The most beautiful Christmas markets in the USA: Get into the Christmas spirit here

How can you enjoy the Christmas season in advance? The best way is to visit one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the world.

Finally USA again: Here it is most beautiful in autumn and winter

For a long time, entry into the United States was not possible. Now that the borders are open again, we are especially looking forward to these destinations.

Tree house hotels: The special holiday highlight

For those who like it cosy and romantic, a tree house hotel is the right choice, especially in the colder seasons.

Rooms with a view: These hotels enchant with a very special view

Enjoying the morning view of a picturesque landscape while drinking a hot coffee - this dream turns into reality with the following tips.

Enjoy diversity on the Canary Islands: Why a November holiday is particularly worthwhile

Only about five hours away by plane and with mild temperatures, the Canary Islands are a particularly attractive holiday destination in November. The Spanish archipelago offers a wide range of activities even in late autumn and winter.

The most beautiful places in Africa to soak up the sun in winter

Summer and sun: This is what holidaymakers currently get on a trip to Africa! These places are particularly worthwhile as a destination.

Experience New Zealand: These are the most beautiful spots on the North and South Island

It's not for nothing that New Zealand is a true insider tip. The North and South Island inspire with numerous breathtaking places that could not be more different.

Paris, mon amour: A weekend in the city of love

What could be better than spending time with the person you love? The best place to spend a classic holiday together is in the city of love.

5 excursion destinations in Austria that will get you in the holiday mood

No time for a long trip? Then these Austrian excursion highlights are a hot tip for everyone who still wants to get into the holiday mood.

5 Things You Should Definitely Bring on Vacation This Fall

With the anticipation of the upcoming holiday, packing your suitcase usually becomes an annoying side activity. Here you'll find out what you really should not forget!

Adults only: The most beautiful hotels for a romantic stay for two

The increasingly cold weather invites you to snuggle up and enjoy. If you want to enjoy absolute tranquillity, it's best to book a trip in an "adults only" hotel.

Croatia is so beautiful in autumn

The popular holiday destination on the beautiful Adriatic coast delights with special impressions far beyond the summer season. In addition to the dreamlike sunsets, attractive discounts attract visitors to the sunny south, especially in autumn.

Mallorca in autumn: 10 insider tips for the off-season

When peace returns to the popular holiday island, it is the ideal time for unique experiences away from the crowds.

Autumn is at its most beautiful in these regions of Austria

You love autumn and want to bring a little more colour into the partly grey weather? Then we have the most beautiful destinations for you.

You should definitely visit these spiritual places

If you are ready to broaden your horizons and want to experience a different kind of holiday, this is the place for you!

Endless Summer: Why Puglia is THE autumn hotspot

Warm sun, olive harvest and dream beaches sound tempting? Then off to the south of Italy!

Seven insider tips for autumn hiking in Europe

Summer is over, the days are getting cooler and the forests are shining in bright colours. So it's time to unpack your hiking boots!

These 5 destinations are perfect for the America revival

For more than a year and a half, tourists from Europe have had to be patient. In November, the time has come and a trip to the United States is possible again.

Great Trail in Canada: This is the longest hiking trail in the world

The route covers 24,000 kilometres and stretches from the west to the east coast of the country.

These are the places in Europe with the most beautiful nature reserves

Those who need a real break from the stressful everyday life should enjoy the untouched beauty of nature. These four nature reserves are particularly well suited for this.

These are the perfect sun destinations for autumn in Europe

For those who want to extend the summer a little longer, these destinations are recommended for autumn.

Ireland is so beautiful in autumn

The intense colours of the landscapes alternate with adventurous national parks.

Experience the highest railway line above the Alps in the Bernina Express

From glaciers to palm trees: tourists enjoy some of Switzerland's most beautiful landscapes on the Bernina Express.

These 4 places are considered real wellness oases

Looking for an extraordinary wellness holiday again? Then these four oases are not to be missed!

These are the most beautiful autumn activities for a holiday in South Tyrol

The golden season sends its greetings! And South Tyrol is the perfect place to enjoy it to the fullest.

Finland in autumn: The best "Ruska" tips

Adventure, enjoyment and experiencing nature at its best: these four things are not to be missed in autumn ("Ruska") in Finland.

5 phrases to master on holiday in Spain

Even a few short phrases are enough to be able to communicate!

The 5 most beautiful beaches in Sardinia

Sardinia is often called the Caribbean of Europe. It's no wonder, because you will find countless beautiful beaches here!

Long Island in golden autumn: insider tip at the gates of New York

Especially in autumn the island is worth a visit! Here you will find nature, tranquility and mild temperatures.

Travel Hack: Which flight times are actually best?

Would you rather take an early flight or just fly through the night? We took a closer look...

5 insider tips for your next holiday in Italy

Enjoy picturesque alleys, romantic squares and the view of the sea during aperitivo: These moments make Italy one of the most popular destinations in the south of Europe!

5 phrases you should master on holiday in Italy

Often just a few words are enough to communicate in Italian!

These beaches are still real insider tips

Ready to relax on the beach in peace and quiet? On these five, rather unknown beaches, it's possible!

These cities in Europe are real insider tips

No crowded beaches or places. Just enjoy the tranquility and beauty of other cultures!

La Palma: This island is the perfect place for stargazing

A cosmic spectacle not to be missed: the starry sky of La Palma, which is particularly impressive at the moment!

This is why Kitzbühel is the perfect place for a family holiday

Whether it's a leisurely hike or a challenging mountain climbing tour. The Alps are calling!

Mallorca: These are the most beautiful bays with lots of shade

Local tips for beach feeling without sunburn: At these hidden places you can enjoy summer in a relaxed way!

The Indian Summer in the Engadine is so beautiful

With its shimmering colours and pleasant temperatures, the Swiss canton is particularly impressive in autumn.

The new Penthouse Suite at the Hotel de la Ville in Rome

Suite experience above the rooftops of the Italian capital in the exclusive Rocco Forte Hotel: Three suites form the largest panoramic penthouse in the city!

Snorkelling: These are the most beautiful caves

Mysterious, adventurous and above all unforgettable: who snorkels here, collects lifelong memories!

These cities are perfect for a girls trip

Stroll through the idyllic streets of Valencia or explore the exciting New York City together: It's even more fun with your best friends!

Eight summer highlights in St. Johann Salzburg

A holiday in Salzburg promises one thing above all: thrilling adventures for the whole family!

Corsica: a kaleidoscope of European landscapes

Where defiant mountain farmers meet suave hoteliers and humble fishermen meet surprised guests....

These are the most beautiful secret hiking tips in Victoria

Top Secret Down Under: Fun routes off the beaten track!

Pack your suitcase like a pro: This is how it's done!

This Travelhack saves a lot of time, money and nerves. You will not regret it!

A dream in white and blue: our tips for Greece and its islands

Hardly any other holiday paradise offers such a diverse backdrop in such a small space as Greece. Between untouched nature, party hotspots, Caribbean feeling and ancient history, countless islands are waiting to be discovered.

The island of lovers: our Best of Santorini

Built on a submerged volcanic crater, you can feel a very special vibrant energy on Santorini.

Let's go Island Hopping! Our top tips on the Ionian Islands

Lush vegetation, numerous hidden bays and breathtaking natural spectacles. The Ionian Islands are a must-visit! PLUS: the best hotels for the perfect getaway.

Jewel in the Cyclades: our tips for Paros

Like something out of a Greek storybook, the tiny island of Paros rises from the waters of the Aegean and delights with traditional restaurants, elegant hideaways and few tourists.

Six Tips On How to Get Your Luggage Faster at the Airport

This is how you - and your luggage - can get to your long-awaited holiday destination faster! You won't regret it...

Greek serenity and azure sea: our top tips in the Dodecanese

Rhodes, Kos and Co offer picturesque beaches and wonderful panoramic views of the sea. These are the hottest tips on the Greek archipelago!

Trend island Mykonos: the best tips for the legendary party island

Gleaming white houses and the teal blue sea: Mykonos embodies the epitome of Greek lifestyle.

Cities on the beach: The best of Nice

A place in the south of France that you definitely have to see!

The most beautiful places in Corsica

These are the things not to be missed on the French Mediterranean island!

Small & Beautiful: Four of the most beautiful islands in Europe

From recharging your batteries in Italy to savoir-vivre in France!

The Ultimate Top Picks in Maldives 2021

Where to go in the Maldives 2021? Together with Elegant Travel, we have the ultimate top picks for the categories Beach & Ocean, Ultraluxury and Family.

Cities on the Beach: The Best of Athens

What not to miss in the vibrant capital of Greece!

Kitzbühel starts into the summer season

Relaxing time out with tradition and safety!

Five tips for the first trip in 2021

Holiday dreams come true again

Summer retreat in Bad Ischl: What awaits us in 2021

The most beautiful places of the small town in the Salzkammergut region

These are the most beautiful destinations with children

Action, adventure and a bit of relaxation

Discover the Swiss Alps with the panorama train

An idyllic summer in the mountains

These are the most beautiful coastal cities in Europe

Paradise places directly by the sea.

On these unique beaches you can see great animals

On these 5 beaches you are close to nature and animals. From flamingos to cows to pigs - here you sunbathe with animal companions.

South Tyrol by Lea Hajner

There, where the sun colors the mountains red and the soul takes a time out.

Maldives by Sabine Nedelchev

A place that comes pretty close to paradise!

Ibiza by Carmen Haid

Ibiza is not just a holiday destination, it is a lifestyle.

Iceland by Diane Kruger

It's taken me a long time to realize that my own life is far more interesting than any part I'll ever play.

Maldives by Diana Langes

It feels like I'm becoming a completely different person....

Africa & the World by Hardy Krüger Jr.

I closed my eyes and was just happy.

Best of Ski: the most beautiful ski regions in the Alps

Endless expanses and fun on the slopes: from the cradle of skiing to the après ski hotspot in the Alps - these are the most beautiful ski regions in the Alps! PLUS: the most beautiful addresses and hottest shops.

The ten most beautiful beaches of Mallorca

Only within walking distance.

Greece: In the Garden of the Gods

White sandy beaches, blue domed roofs and dreamy fishing villages. We show you the most beautiful pearls of the Mediterranean.

Mykonos by Mahmud Al-Smadi

"Because you can just let go ..."

Capri by Matteo Thun

Second home of the architect Matteo Thun.

Bali by Carsten K. Rath

A globetrotter reveals his secrets: "Bali is a place of inspiration for me."

Hawaii by Roland Trettl

Roland Trettl in an interview about Hawaii

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